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mount & blade help?

cant beat $5 on steam

so far this game is pretty sweet, i like the combat system, i have an army of around 33 and most are at least two levels higher. i managed to do some simple quest (bring 5 containers of wheat to village x) for 400xp

what exactly do i do? ive just been going around and trying to attack bandits and sea raiders and whatnot. selling their crap for money. i see some big armies with about 90 men that i try to stay away from, it seems the armies i see running around are either under 20 or higher than 75, nothing in between?

how else do i make money?

can i give some of the stuff i loot from the battles to my men? (like if i get a horse or two can i give them to my men to ride on? same with weapons and armor?)

can i capture villages and castles? how?

what are the best stats to specialize in?

lol thanks in advance
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Hire talented mercs and other people and make your army bigger. I suggest always going on horseback and slicing people in half with a long weapon.. Keep making your army bigger and join up with a country. You can raid castles and towns, capturing them you have to be aligned with a country. That is all i can remember.. you should check out all the mods for the game.
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pretty much was Distroey said. I can't wait till next month when the multiplayer version comes out

i have been waiting for that ever since i bought this game when it was in beta year ago.


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This appears to be a good mod:,49800.0.html

This is an excellent game, hope you enjoy it. Like Drizzt said, can't wait until they release Warband.

edit: A little warning if you use that mod, it makes the early stages of the game much harder than vanilla. I had a party of 26 and got completely obliterated by a group of 24 deserters, all of them mounted with myself being the only mounted unit in my party.

edit2: It was 16 Deserters against my 26.

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IIRC if you go to the biggest cities in the region, you can talk to the King(?) of the area and join their countries war effort. I never got very far into it, but I'm guessing you can eventually work your way up and probably conquer your own country, if not the world.
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I sunk tons of hours into this when it came out so i'll answer some questions.

Quests are not really that effective, you're better off attacking small bands of raiders and capturing them. You need skills in prisoner management to do this. After you capture them you can take them and sell them to certain slave traders in the taverns.

You cannot give regular units equipment, they do level up and upgrade gaining new equipment and stats though.
Heroes can be found in taverns and you can give them new equipment by talking to them in the party screen.

You can capture castles, or be awarded them. Towns come with the attached castle. If you join a faction and take part in war efforts you may be awarded a castle when you seize it... but it isn't guaranteed. Also if you want to defect and start your own kingdom you lose all your fiefs (castles and towns) to your old faction. If you are not part of a faction you can just take castles if your army is strong enough.

For stats... I think that it's 18 strength for the heavier armor. More than that isn't that useful. AGI is better for damage. I recommend getting CHR up early for higher levels of leadership (larger army) and prisoner management (moar slavez)

can't wait for multiplayer.
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I never much messed with slaves, I forget where i got the most of my money, but i think it was from defeating enemy kingdoms lords.
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Originally Posted by Distroey View Post
I never much messed with slaves, I forget where i got the most of my money, but i think it was from defeating enemy kingdoms lords.

I think I got most of my money from winning tournament fights since they're so easy and pay out so much (I always make the maximum bet).

Level up and point some points into leadership. That'll help you have more soldiers. Don't bother with getting slave management past 1 point, it's only good for capturing lords. Putting slave management up to like 4 so you can cart around 20 slaves isn't worth it, those points are basically wasted. Hire NPCs from taverns (not the generic "x mercenaries" or whatever but the named NPCs) and if they have useful skills like first aid or surgery or siege engineering, make sure to level those up as your entire party gains the advantages of some of these skills. These named NPCs can also be built to be very good fighters, shooters, riders, anything. You control their stats the same way you control yours. Just talk to them on the world map and they'll give you an option to see their stats.
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AH yes it was the tourney fights, they were the easiest to make money at.
Old 02-21-2010, 03:38 PM Distroey is offline  
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thanks for the help. im now around level 19 with close to 50 soldiers i believe.

my first tourny a while ago i was betting max bet and it was easy as pie until the very last round, 1v1, i got screwed over. the enemy had a sword or something and a shield and i had just a bow and arrow. after a few shots to the legs he was right on me and i couldnt run away :\

i feel like cavalry is the way to go with the bulk of my army. they are fast and hit hard and usually dont get cluster fucked like infantry do.

is it the game itself or my game settings that only seems to allow 30 soldiers per side at a time? then once that battles over, it starts all over again with the remaining troops, etc.

also capturing enemy lords is sweet when you get that offer for $4-5k
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