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Originally Posted by 37731 View Post
 The "stay in the air 8 seconds" thing was a bitch because I wasn't holy. Eventually, I figured out that if you punish one of the big dudes, get on his back (where you have to press B, not push the two sticks apart), you can pace your button mashing to stay up there forever. 

Ha, didnt realise they considered that 'in the air.' How cheap.
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Originally Posted by chuckybob View Post
god i hate it when they try to turn videogames into novels

i love it when i can't tell if the post is serious or not
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Great game. Playing it on Hellish now.
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Gonna discuss some ending spoilers:

 I played evil and punished EVERYONE. The only people Dante absolved were his father, mother, and brother-in-law. But at the end of the game, thousands of absolved spirits seal Satan and ascend Dante.

I guess "Dante is pure-hearted and absolves everybody" is canon. 
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