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Landstalker on the Genesis. a little different from what you mentioned. isometric RPG platformer with puzzles.
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Symphony of the Night is awesome.
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Originally Posted by along the way View Post
River City Ransom for the NES has action and RPG elements if you like beat-em-ups.

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Mass Effect and/or sequel?

When I hear the word "Action/Adventure + RPG" that's what I think of. In fact, pretty much any of Bioware's games fit that description, now that I think about it.
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Originally Posted by theNoid View Post
Symphony of the Night is awesome.

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i liked trine, but it was only $5 when i got it. i dont know if it's worth $20
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No one has chimed in with the Persona series yet?

Oh, man. Pick up Persona 3 and Persona 4 right away. True masterpieces - 10/10, perfect, Game of the Year (for every year). If you haven't played the Persona series, you are totally missing out.
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