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I've just recently gotten back into the quake scene with Id's newest child of the series, Quakelive - which is basically Quake3 run through modified version of the engine and played through browser plugins.

So I was just wondering who all here is playing quakelive, and if so, how into it are you?

I've personally installed some gerasemonkey features that let you use custom training maps as well as modify the HUD and inform you of your tiers. (completely legal, btw. incase anyone was wondering).

but um yeah... the games forums seems to be dead. I havent been on genmay in a few years, so hopefully I'm not violating some unwritten rule by posting a quake thread. Apparantly there's only 35 threads in here now... so... yeah. I suppose I'm starting an 'official Quake thread', then?

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Anyways I'm still really into it. I'll leave for a month or so and play something else but I always come back. I just need to stop playing when I'm really high to up my k/d ratio. My name is DrPoop on there.
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K, Here are some links for those of you playing Quakelive

Official Site:

Common Quakelive channels on Gamesurge (IRC):

From there, there any many private and public channels you can get into for clans and other group, though these are generally reserved for the higher tiered players and not recommended you spam until you've built up some "street cred" within the community.

Download Greasemonkey for your Firefox browser if you havent already.
and install the Tier Viewer script. This will not only help with your motivation to improve, but help in pickups when people want to know what tier level you're in, since normally it is hidden in QL.
Quake Live Tier Viewer

There are also many more scripts available for Quakelive, such as alternative server view and some HUD changes. You can also download training map packs that will play through the greasemonkey plugin through QL. If there's anything you need, there's probably a script already for it. Search around, you'll find what you need.

Improve your skills
If you want some advice from the pros at how to properly play quake, read Chance's Quake Bible to help you get started. It's a 4 part series with a bit of reading, but it comes with a lot of good and important information

More helpful links to keep up with the competitive Quakelive community: - hosts amateur tournaments and shout-casts matches worldwide
ES Reality - up to date news on tournaments, players and other e-sports news.
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i checked this out, pretty cool. I was impressed that i can run this all in my browser... bringing back some old memories. Still working on modifying my config file, i wish i kept my old ones
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drpooop now, trying to get a better ratio, ca only
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