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Downside of online dating is you should be prepared to do a lot of first dates and nothing more. So leave it at beers and pool. Who doesn't like pool? Well, I prefer billiards...But that's another story. :P

Then on the second date, if there is one push the boat out a bit more.
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Whats the difference between billiards and pool O.o?

Personally, I feel this gonna go great. Lots of great talking and apparently she laughs a ton - or so she keeps saying. BUT - I'm going in with 0 desperation, and 0 expectations, which is probably the best thing I can do. My only concern if this is a good first date choice - nothing worse to me if she secretly thinks the whole time this is a bad choice. But at the same time if she has fun with me I don't think the location is as big of a deal either. Wasn't sure if drinking on the first date was a good idea - even though it would just be a couple. Also curious if I should offer to drive, I know it can be kinda creepy, but I know how to ask jokingly/subtlety in case.
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you've investing way too much into the first date - as cannondale said - someone who seems great via messages and even IM might be totally different IRL.

keep it light and easy to abort early or continue on if its going well. coffee transitions well, I used to mock it and then I turned it into a cornerstone of my dating life. pool is good, I used walks around various city locales with my dog to a lot of success.

I wouldn't offer to pick her up - for your own protection as much as hers. I never have a problem offering a girl a ride home after i've met her, most would take you up on that but if you meet a random girl off the internet and she's totally nutter you don't want her seeing your license plate. yes - small chances but they are there. set a time and place and agree to meet there.
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With billiards the holes are in the middle of the table and score points. You even have obstacles to place on the table in the final round. Hard to fidn a pub which has a billiard table, even in the UK.

As for dating, I went on several first dates where the girl seemed good online but IRL the conversation didn't flow and we left it at that after a round in a bar.

I met one however where I thought we both really clicked - lovely lady but the next day, having agreed to meet later in the week, she texted me saying we had plenty to talk about but were very different people. It was true and I was a little dissapointed.

Enjoy pool and beers, sounds like a good date.

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