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Fell down stairs, Achilles tendon hurts now

I fell down some stairs Saturday night. I was drunk. Laugh

I simply landed a bit strange on my left leg. And I got a tad bit of pain in my Achilles tendon. It is fine if I walk for a few minutes.

Sunday it hurt when I got up from bed, but after a few minutes I can walk without pain.

If i let it rest for a little bit, and then get up and walk, again pain for a few then gone.

So now we are at Monday and the same issues, but the pain is a lot less now. And it wasn't really all that bad to begin with. Just noticeable.

Would you guys go ahead and run? Or do you think I will be forced to take a week off?
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This is without any medical expertise whatsoever:

Continue to stretch it by walking, but don't push it by running for a while.
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Just take it easy, you hurt the tendon. You could be active on it, but you're not being paid to be active on it. Will a week of not running really be a problem? Are you training for a competition? I've played hockey and went rock climbing when I couldn't lift my left arm over my shoulder. Yeah, it didn't hurt while I was playing/climbing much, but fuck it hurts after. All I gained was a couple days of exercise and probably a lot of problems when I'm older. Be smart and listen to your body. If your ankle says, "it hurts to walk or run", then don't.

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sounds like a strain. If you aren't getting "foot drop" (self explanatory) and can put full weight on it at some point then thats a good sign. Definitely sounds musco just from the fact that once you get moving, the pain regresses.

RICE it is always good advice. wrap it tight in an ACE bandage (not so tight that your feet go numb, but comfortably/supportively tight) and elevate it on a pillow at night. And obviously rest it a little bit. Also taking Aleve twice a day for a week would be fine, especially when you notice pain.
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