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Where is this, Hong Kong?

Originally Posted by oki_boy View Post
general stuff that i see just about daily


R34, someone keyed the front fender. X(

i dunno how this thing even navigates the smaller roads here....

dealership is a block away

Originally Posted by miasman1
Now if Ikea made the Jerker in a solid-wood version, i want one.

Ho Lee Shit of the Asian Crew

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Northbrook Court?
What would Raptor Jesus do?
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3y3 4m t3h Gr4et gr4nD m0th4rfUxing mor4n! W4t<h //\y b33f kur+4nz F|4p!!# 4y4m 1e37!
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Originally Posted by theWITNESS View Post
K i'll play

Oh yeaah and

looks like Santana row to me
09 F9
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Originally Posted by Thermo1223 View Post
Ok so he's a freemason eh

\_.--Senator Date Rape
Grandpa Motors (GM) pussrods and leafsprings
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