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98 accord, i hate suspension work

I am getting creaking / thunking noises when going over speed bumps or rough roads. I replaced the front strut assemblies and i think that reduced it some, but its still happening. I did a visual inspection of the sway bar links and center bushings, and they look OK. I guess i will try spraying some silicone on the bushings. can the front radius rod bushings cause this kind of problem? i do not hear anything bad when turning the steering wheel.
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Ice Cool
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yea, they can
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check axle boots. they can tear and that'll let gunk in, which wipes out cv joints.

the clunk over bumps is what makes me think that
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you should get under your car with a pry bar and try moving things around, visual inspection won't always reveal a problem part.
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The easiest way to fix this problem is using a sound level meter.

You will need to determine the resonant frequency of the noise. Record this, along with the (a) weighting for the entire frequency spectrum. We use (a) weighting as it appears to correspond most closely to human hearing.

Now, what you want to do with this information is onto a frequency spectrum chart for a pair of front speakers. Adjust the speakers to be just as loud, one octave above, below and at the noise source.

Using simple dB addition, you will have achieved an equivalent of 3dB of gain across the audible range.

With this, the suspension noise will become less apparent and you will not have to worry about the lower control arm bushings.
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Creaking is usually a sign of that top balljoint going. But you should replace the sway bar bushings and endlinks first, as these are easy and cheap.

Use moog sway bar endlinks and new sway bar bushings. You can get them on rockauto
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i liquidated this POS and picked up a 2012 outback. no more junker anxiety, i just cant take it. Now I cruise along like a Lesbaru.
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That is an expensive, yet very effective way of fixing the suspension.
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