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Conversion for 4-Pin CFL's?

I have a fan that only takes 4-Pin CFL's (see first photo). This bulb ONLY comes in 2700K, and I'd like to get something more like daylight or bright white. Does anyone know if there is a converter so a 4-pin base can take other types of bulbs? There's no room on the fan to put a long single or double tube 4-pin.

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My house is full of light fixtures that take similar bulbs, I buy mine from a local industrial lighting supplier, Harris and Roome, which is Canadian only as far as I know. You can probably find a similar place in the phone book.

Depending on the supplier, they might be completely helpful in finding a replacement, or they might just shrug and ask for a part number.

If you need a part number... this should get you started. If that picture is correct it's a GX24Q-1 base, 13 watt bulb. Here's your options:

GE - they don't make a spiral 13 watt plug-in CFL, but they've got plenty of folded tube types available, if that'll work in your fan:

OSRAM/Sylvania - they have 13W spirals, but only in 2700K. They do have Dulux T/E bulbs at 13W in various color temperatures, which you might be able to get your hands on:
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Pin-base bulbs usually have the driver circuitry (inverter, etc.) in the fixture at least in my experience; consumer screw-in CFLs have driver circuitry in the bulb.

You could rewire the lamp to have a standard screw-in socket and bypass the inverter, but this would obviously require taking the thing off the ceiling and tracing some of the wiring around.
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