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Originally Posted by BlisterDick View Post
any damage less than $500 and the cops don't need to be notified (in Cali anyway)

Sometimes they won't come, even then. I worked for a police station that neighbored the LAPD, and most of their collision calls they simply advised the caller to take down the other person's information. They usually only sent a unit out to take a report if there was suspected injury, or possibility thereof. Or, y'know, if the cops were particularly bored that day...
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In DFW the cops won't even respond to an accident unless someone is hurt or a vehicle is blocking a roadway..
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in CA tickets aren't generally issued for accidents. Doesn't mean fault isn't determined.

In your case, you were following too closely - if the person in front of you has to stop suddenly, you shouldn't hit them. However, I've got no clue how fault is determined in Michigan - I guess people said it's a no fault state, does that really mean that if someone rear ends you that you have to pay for the damage to your car?
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Originally Posted by jm8881 View Post
I was pretty much expecting to be at fault for hitting the womans car.

If you couldnt stop in time then you were following too closely. In NY in a situation like this you would be found at fault.

I would call your insurance and find out if any claims have been made against your account.
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I got a ticket in an accident once.

I was driving my 5 speed manual Chevy Colorado and was coming up to a red light in the middle of winter, snow on the road in a 30MPH zone. I was about 50 feet from the person in front of me going about 20mph in the process of coming to a stop. The person in front of me was also coming to a stop. When the light turned green I let off the brake and started to change gears into a lower gear to start accelerating, but the person in front of me continued to come to a full stop. At a fucking green light. I hit the brakes but it was snowy so I slid into her anyways. also the person behind me ran into the back of me as well.

She had zero damage, somehow I hit her just so, so that the entire force of the crash went into her hitch. I had about $7k in damage (at the time the truck was only about 6 months old) between hitting her in the front and the person rear ending me.

Now, on to the relevant part. I got a ticket for running into the person in front of me, i forget the actual charge, failure to yield maybe?. Yet what urked me the most is the person behind me dint get a ticket. He rear-ended me as well, shouldn't he get a ticket too?

This was in Michigan btw.

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