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Bought a 08 ranger today.. anything i should know.

Found a ridiculously clean one owner, local trade in 08 Ranger sport. 4.0, 4x4 ext cab, auto with only 30kmiles on it.

Anything I should know about these things or upgrade. Pretty happy so far.. I like the way it drives and so fuckin clean.. Hoping she'll last me a while.
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Ice Cool
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Phil Taylor
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maybe it's...too clean.


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You should know they made it for like 15 years, so parts are plentiful and cheap.... and yes, it should last a long time, just slightly less than a Hilux

With only 30k miles, no maintenance has probably been needed or performed. So check the owners manual, but it's probably a good time to do replace all fluids so you have a good baseline (engine, transmission, radiator, brake, etc). That will also go a long way to keeping it reliable for the future.
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I have an 04 Ranger with the same specs (4x4, 4.0L) and it runs like a champ. Granted, if my truck was a woman, it would be a battered wife since I don't exactly treat my truck with love and respect.
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Yeah, remember the damn procedure for going in and out of 4x4 low range so you don't go bothering a mechanic with your question. You have to come to a complete stop, shift to park or neutral (I think you need your foot on the brake, too) and twist the knob to low, and wait for it to do it's thing. For a manual, you simply need to have the clutch in and be at a complete stop.
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