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Originally Posted by growler View Post
more focus on single player and not tacking on multiplayer to every game out there


When CS was thriving everyone was all over MP, and the developers just forgot all about SP games. BF games, Q3, UT games and the like.
But more of my memorable moments in gaming are from story not from "dood I just head shotted 19 nubs in a row. I'm so l33t" Those feelings are fleeting and while satisfying at the time...meh


MP games to me are similar to Madden games. Who cares, and you have to buy the next one every year

But the epic moments, Aeris dieing, you are Revan, deciding to join Daedalus or kill Everrett, Sgt Jackson dieing in a playground and Soap being the lone survivor, Samus is A GIRL???? Playing a song to bring Epona to you, Alyx is hot and has some magic screwdriver thing that does like...everything, Morrigan wants to WHAT with Allistair???? The Kushan destroyed Earth and the Mothership escaped as the narrator was telling you this and near crying!!!!!. And so on and so forth
Those we remember. Not how many head shots you got 3 years ago. No one cares about that. But we as gamers can all share the common bond of good storytelling
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More innovative concepts, not just rehashes. A good example would be Bullet Time... Max Payne started it (after ripping it off of The Matrix) then over 9000 other games used it.

We need more indy games like Braid... I haven't played anything like it, and it kept me glued from start to finish.
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Mario raped Peach in her fuzzy spot while twisting and twirling his mustache sexylike
chuckybob's Avatar
i just want to see larger amounts of players being rendered at once in online games.
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Genmay Art Gawd
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Games with good controls schemes. The whole "cover system" idea is still big right now...the only game where I've truly enjoyed it was Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. Every time I play that game I think "Why? Why is this control scheme not in every cover system game out there?!" It's not just because it's a good's because it works. Reliably.

Better stories too and more 1 player centric games. I like multiplayer games like Call of Duty, of course, but the single player campaigns suck and they're too short.
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Mario raped Peach in her fuzzy spot while twisting and twirling his mustache sexylike
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also every game should support at minimum two players on the same console. im looking at you here, xbox360 library.
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Chadwick's Avatar
I want to see more development across the board. It's fine by me if they want to make the SP movie-like, but at least put some thought and some into it. Just having super fast single player isn't fun anymore. Fallout 3 almost had this, just because it was so immersing but the main line is still really short and lacking I think.

Basically I just want a little more effort and attention to detail. I'd prefer to wait a little longer for a better game than have sequel after sequel pumped out of lower and lower quality
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-Single-player focused games that are at longer than 10 hours in length for just the main storyline (of any genre).
-LAN/TCP-IP multiplayer support and dedicated server support for pc
-Dynamic storylines - you fail an objective (that doesn't directly result in player death), the story progresses on from there and changes accordingly.
-Along these lines, player affect on the storyline that goes beyond a Bioware/Peter Molyneiux morality system of only strictly good/evil.
-Health packs/bars - I don't like the idea of being able to duck for 10 seconds after taking an M16 bullet to the chest/face and I'm fine. Stop using the Halo2/CoD 4+ example and use something else (let me limp to a medic to health)
-Remember expansion packs? Yeah, go back to using those and get away from $2 for ingame dialog options/horse armour/weapons/skins/maps/etc. Make it worth my while to buy additional content (see Blizzard).
-Episode 3. C'Mon Valve, work on HL3 later, get me ep3 now. And while you're at it, OpFor2. I likes me some Adrian Sheppard.
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Keeper of The Toes
A Decent story, Better dialog, voice acting. Better .

Uncharted 2 did good by me. Very movie-like(The helicopter/hotel part was amazing)

MP is boring to me.
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Suicide King
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Good thread-making.
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Abu-mk2's Avatar
tribes, with buildable/destructible bases, on a single server huge map, where clans control areas giving them benefits to easier defend

pretty much i want you to make guilds/clans like in wow. control flags as in tribes. and build defenses/structures turrets to further secure these flags. i want a huge single server map, where guilds/clans control very small zones of it, and spread their influence through domination, like eve

i would just love to log in one day and have a layout of what we control and radar telling us where enemies are to defend. combine that with, getting a massive raid of heavies, into bombers, and flying into the neighboring zone, killing everyone

the classes would suit all the nerd old people who want to build defenses and make stuff, and the hardcore pvpers who run around in 5man groups mid air discing everyone. coordinated attacks to kill generators and bases, just

tribes was always the greatest team game ever created. now just add an EVE element, and blowupable sht
It's Jesus
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I want an awesome MMOFPS too. With base building aspects, destructible structes. MMO Bad Company 2, over a whole globe, in the future, with real RPG elements.

They are making Planetside 2, I wonder what that would be like.

If any of you wanna see some innovation, go try Hammerfight demo on steam.

I got another question for all of you. What do you think about, wanna see in, next generation 2D games? Sidescroller/adventure games like Metroid, or Braid, or Aquaria.
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From what I understand as well Shadow Complex is phenomenal
Old 02-04-2010, 06:36 AM Caelum is offline  
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Condoner's Avatar
More independent developers.

<3 s2games(Not counting savage 2)
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Necrosprite's Avatar
mechwarrior mmo. only way to grind skills is to go kill/get blown up by other people.
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daishi daishi bo baishi banana fana fo faishi
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Originally Posted by Necrosprite View Post
mechwarrior mmo. only way to grind skills is to go kill/get blown up by other people.

two have existed, both were shutdown by EA.
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