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Originally Posted by xagent
What the hell is wrong with insider trading?

Insider trading laws let the SEC prosecute anyone for trading on any nonpublic information. In other words, if you're deemed to have "too much information" than the average joe is allowed to have, you could be guilty. There really is no difference between a hot stock tip and insider trading. Incentive to seek information and trade intelligently is killed. Eventually, the stock market becomes gambling, notinvesting.

Insider trading is also a victimless crime. Liberals hate insider trading only due to their hatred for any person or business that makes a profit, their hatred for the word profit, and general anti-corporate attitudes.

It looks like your definition of insider trading is not even correct

I read your post and in regards to part 1 I did't follow Stewart's case so I don't know what was in the news. Your second part clearly shows that you don't understand what insider trading is
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the thing about the insider trading is that, although it seems like victimless at first, what you have to realise is that when martha dumps her shares before the crash, it means that somebody bought them. Martha knows that it is going to be worthless soon, so she sells it to some poor schmuck who gets fucked up the ass. There's your victim.
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Originally Posted by TheMorlock
yes you do, if this insider trading is acted on by anyone else.

You are correct , I am wrong .

implicit in your scenario is that the reason the broker would call is that you already owned the shares. I failed to realize that.

a tip o' my cap to you , sir !
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