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Mighty Clinotus
Genisis cannot be proven or disproven as it is the written interpetation of the works of God in the eyes of a man. Genesis' opening chapters are the equivalent of a toddler trying to explain the complexities of DNA and genetics and the origin of his siblings. See the point? It has no bearing or basis on actual fact.

People adhere to and endorse religion(s) not out of ignorance but because of the faith and the vision of the fact that even the minutaie of the most minute of things is more complex than anything we as mankind have or will ever create. $4 million on the research of the cockroach or $3 BILLION on ants just to show that they are the ultimate organism or cog in their specialized niche.? The very way our planet works is the absolute proof of the manifestation of God, we can't get operation systems or three cultures or three currencies to work flawlessly together and yet somehow, someway the entirety of our closed environment works without fail from atoms to elephants to zebras!? And you say there is no God?

Something, somewhere, somehow and someway is holding all these apparent paradoxies in check by will and by word. At least some Aetheist's do themselves the favor of converting to agnosticism - they at least hold a glimer of the truth.
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Re: Re: my theory why there is no "God"

Originally posted by neurotoxin

You can find God in the night sky, my friend. Who do you think installed those perfectly designed fusion reactors up there?


Anyway, it's all very simple:

"One can neither prove (theism) nor disprove (atheism) the existance of supernatural beings."

And for the same matter:

"One can neither prove nor disprove the existance of purple, man-eating demons which cause war and disease."

Basically, you can not prove or disprove the existance of something which does not exist.


Finally, one more quote:

"A theist thanks his god for wiping his ass after he has excreted, an agnostic person just accepts the fact that his ass has been wiped, an atheist firmly believes he has wiped his ass himself."
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Originally posted by liqdfire
I belive that mass religion is the only documented case of mass histeria
nice one
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Originally posted by marter
ya i used to think bout that alot

were you high?
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I'm sure there is one all might being that watches over us and takes note of all the things we do at every single moment. I believe it in my heart.

It's Santa Claus.
There are doorways I haven't opened, and windows I've yet to look through. Going forward may not be the answer ... maybe I should go back.
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