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Im gonna go with B, with a sprinkling of A on top. While I do practice as much as I can, I do tend to stray. but thats to be expected anyway. so mostly B.
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I oscillate in the spectrum from F to D. I grew up in a nonreligious house but was heavily involved in an organization with a religious component. To satisfy my ambitions in the organization I had to adopt some semblance of religious views, at the time I considered my self to be a deist. Now I mostly take the position "I don't know."

In the end my religious views are more or less what I was raised with. How many of you have changed your views from what your parents taught you?
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Originally Posted by irate_vermin
How many of you have changed your views from what your parents taught you?


Twice actually. Raised Mormon... around age 12 I changed to mainstream Christianity. About a year and a half ago I became agnostic.

I dabbled in a lot of religions too; sitting in on congregations and the like.
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Between E and F. I am atheistic in the sense that no god exists until proven, but agnostic in the sense that I can't disprove one either should I try (not that the burden of proof would lie on me anyway - it is up to the believers to prove their theories, not me to debunk them).
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im gonna go with, whatever is the truth
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A; Roman Catholic

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You should add one more catogory...
X. I truly question my religion in its integrity and rarely follows its rites and rituals beyond the sight of others. i propose to be religious, finding myself in organized prayer and actively being evangelical. However, I just can't being in all honesty confused.

(I believe most if not all religious folk fall in this category...we all sit and pray and wonder if anyone else can tell you are not...)
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If its of any importance I am an a legally a Reverand...however cannot remember which website I was blessed on...
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Straw Man
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I fall somewhere between E and F. I can almost see the idea of a deity as somewhat rational. However, even if I believed such a thing would exist, I do not think I could describe it with any qualities because I do not see, hear, feel or know it. So, I lack faith and therefore I am an atheist. Although people usually throw the words "atheist" and "agnostic" as separate things the two have actually a lot incommon...
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B, but a bit lax-er than that i think.
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g: I believe in a faith that really has no current teachers that I know of, so i wing it.
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A, Fundamentalist Baptist
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CaNaDiAn PyRo
Currently D, but I feel myself moving through to E and possibly F in the future.
Originally Posted by deltabourne
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Queen Pee(nis)
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B i would say
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A is the closest. But I certainly don't think of the bible as an "artifact".
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