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Seems like we always hypothesize about a nuclear attack or EMP, but this type of event is very real and has already happened on a small scale. If the big event were to happen, the scientists state that millions would die and that the US would turn into a third world country. There are only so many spare transformers and the lead time to manufacture new ones is about a year. Every single transformer would be destroyed in this type of event. To make matters even more complicated, it takes about a month to install a new transformer.

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I just posted a reply.. oh wait, that was the original thread.
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The world isn't ending in 2012. Get that out of your head right now.
If this is another 2012 Calendar thread, I'm locking this shit up tighter than my butt hole.
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The 2012 date just happens to correspond with the next solar activity peak. There have been dozens like it, will be dozens more.

I'd consider this to be a more real threat than a nuclear incident. Then again, there's not a whole lot we can to about it; the cost to harden civilian infrastructure against this is prohibitive, to put it mildly. Adopt a standard survival posture with allowances for complete failure of society for a year or two. Sustainable food would be nice, but probably not practical in a city environment.

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Isnt this what surge protectors are for?

I think staples is having a sale, maybe the govt should put one on on every transformer.


You wanna talk about a real incident that will send us back into the dark ages? Plug in electric cars. Wait until they become a common place, everyone is going to start plugging them in on an electrical network that was never designed to sustain the increased load. We are already beyond what most electrical networks are capable of supporting during the summer months, wait until we add a device like an electric car to the equation. Then everyone will really have to worry when electrical substations and transformers everywhere start randomly melting down and we sit without electricity because you decided its a good idea to run every AC in the house, every TV, and your car on the hottest day of the summer.

I hear this from a reputable source that works for a major electrical company(more like only one) in NY.
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it's induced voltage. if the circuits are hot, the voltage "magically" appears. there's no way to filter it besides shutting it down and grounding the whole system.
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