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Originally Posted by Baloneyflaps View Post
I don't drink ciders very often, but among those I have had, I really like Blackthorn.

What did you think of it?

It's pretty good I thought, I know for a while they changed something and it started to suck but it seems like they've fixed the issues with the recipe. Personally I like dry ciders more than sweet ciders but probably my favorite are pear based ciders instead of apple.
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I was at a local beer festival yesterday and got to try some damn good beers, probably the most memorable were the Sweet Potato Ale and the RedBreast aged stout. Afterwards went to a bar there because I heard they had DogFish Head 120 min on draft and it was true. I guess it was the 2 year aged one and man it was damn good, $12 but I felt worth it at least to fully try the 120 min. It was more sweet than I was expecting but still had some nice bitterness.
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