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E, but I do speculate, and my speculation leads me to F, but I admit it is just speculation and nothing more.
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Extra Virgin
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A. Mostly. I don't believe the Bible was written by God directly, however. (if that's what you're asking)
Practicing Roman Catholic (Christian obviously) here.
I'm banned from major expenditures 'til I get a job :( - Tex Arcana

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'Cause I'm geeked up...geeked up....
B. Freewill Baptist/Baptist

really heavily considering going to A, his conviction is really starting to wear me down
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Come hither Sancho Panza, I have need of my Lance
Another Update:

A = Traditionally Religious (12)
A - B = Traditional/Moderate (9)
B = Moderately Religious (12)
B - C = Moderate/Spiritual (5)
C = Spiritual Person (11)
C - D = Spiritual/Believer (3)
D = Believer in Something (12)
D - E = Believer/Agnostic (2)
E = Agnotic Outlook (13)
E - F = Agnostic/Atheist (11)
F = Atheist Confirmed (20)
Other (7)

The last few pages have been an even spreading of beliefs. A couple of you put in D - F and for reasons of simplicity I put you in as E.
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Sure one can't ever be sure of any of these things as there are no absolute truths, but it is my belief that there is no god nor entity of equivalent nature.
Democracy is the dictatorship of the clueless masses.
In the land of the idiots, the mediocre man is a king.
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E.. i have in the past made more of a lean towards F but I realized lately that I don't care at all and I probably fall more into E as religion is just a waste of time to me.
I used to pray to god for a bike but then I realized god doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and prayed that god would forgive me.
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somewhere between E and F -- no damn explanation necessary
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F .............
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edit: Greek Catholic.
Русская [М]афия
Українська [М]афія

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Infested Cats
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A mixture of B and C.
music sounds better off alone with you in a sandstorm - david oliver

Empress Dowager of the Asian Crew

deathbychocolate of Team OWK
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A or B.
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