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Glasgow, Scotland

Asia style - 185-189 St Georges Road 0141-332 8828 - its cheap and possibly the best chinese in the country with the added bonus of unlimited jasmin tea

Balbirs - 7 church street- hands down the best indian i have ever had everything is nice and fresh the best option is getting the buffet as they just keep bringing stuff over to you.

Ashoka - various
there are several of these about town (mainly the west end), pretty good place to eat and my old fav indian (above beat it). good service reasonable prices and if they still do it get some haggis pakora sex in little crispy batter balls

Slasa - 63 Carlton Place. 0141 420 6328
been a couple of times and the food was always good plenty big servings and a free cocktail off the pre theater menu. The meatballs and divine and th eloaded potato skins (a starter) are a meal in them selves

One Devonshire Gardens - 1 Devonshire Gardens - 00 44 141 339 2001
without a doubt the poshest place i have ever taken myself but also the home of the best steak i have ever had so it evens out. its a five star hotel/restaurant so dress smart and have plenty of cash (although i made a dinner for 2 for just over 70 iirc inc wine)

tiger tiger - glassford street - 0141 553 4888
again pretty nice inside its kind of a trendy bar downstairs so avoid the ripped jeans. prices are not too bad but a little on the expensive side for my liking (20ish per person without any drinks)

Scottish almost forgot
the blue lagoon - dozens of them in town - i liek the st enoch one best
not a bad chain of chippies about 2 a meal and a little more for the fish. its just chips and batterd food. Im a black pudding man but i was in a chipie the other day and it had battered pizza, hmmm fatty. if you are over rtry and get a battered mars/snickers deep fried sweets, sounds bad but tastes so good (max 1 per decade or a heart attack is on its way)

i will add more when i remember places i have been. I would suggest for the best deals tho. Has the bonus that you can book on the day for most places

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Fairfield and Waterville, ME

I doubt any of you will ever come to my part of Maine, but, if you find yourself in the Waterville/Fairfield area (about 20 minutes North of Augusta. 2 hours North of Portsmouth, New Hampshire), there are two places that I highly recommend.

Sonny's Pizza. - 146 Main St, Fairfield, ME - (207) 453-7624
Bolley's Famous Franks. - 96 College Ave, Waterville, ME - (207) 873-6264

They're not ritzy places by any means, but their food is fantastic. Highly acclaimed by the locals here.

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yo quiero taco bell
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CROW'S NEST, Santa Cruz, CA

Excellent food, service, atmosphere.
It is more expensive, but it is well worth it, good stuff.

Also, if you go there during the daytime, you can get a boat ride / rent a boat.

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Miami, FL

Cuban: La Carreta, Isla Canarias (sp?)

To be scene: Tantra, Pearl, China Grill

Italian: Ago, Villagio, Sole, Via Quadrono

Indian: Anokah

Chinese: Miss Yip

Formal, Valentines Dinner: Azul
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Some of these I haven't seen yet:

Seattle, WA

Daniel's Broiler

Thats the only one I can think of now that's not already listed. Oh, waterfront:

Anthony's Homeport

And of course, if you're touring through Seattle, hit up the Pike Place Market. I don't know the names of all the places down there, but theres good cheap places, and there's higher scale places.

Now, for anyone who happens to be driving I-90 through Montana, Bozeman is about the only place worthing stopping at. IMO.

McKenzie River Pizza

Rosa's Pizza

First Class Dives (Hole in the wall, cheap joints)


Pickle Barrel

and, if you're ever up at 3am in a college town, find a college student and ask him where the nearest Pita Pit is.

[from user flood]
Mexican - Mama's Mexican Kitchen, 2nd and Bell
Italian - Romio's, several locations
Indian - Cedars, 50th and Brooklyn

[from user redrum781]
For pizza in the seattle area try Pagliacci's ( Some locations deliver / some you can eat-in. It's to die for

Oh, and two other random locations I've found:

Moscow, ID - Moscow Bagel. Best Bagel sandwich ever.

Chicago, IL - PotBelly Sandwiches - Best sandwich for under $4.

And of course, Chicago Style Pizza is the shiznit.

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Hamilton and Fairfield, OH The steak sandwiches are really really good. - In the words of John Madden. "They put chili on spaghetti." very very tasty pies.
Originally Posted by wigglesworth
word, as far as i can tell thats the only reason people should bother having a job and paying bills, so they can have fun and do whatever the fuck they want

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Vancouver, BC
These are the best places I have found in Vancouver, BC.

Simba's Grill
825 Denman Street

Simba's has some of the greatest spicy food you'll eat. I suggest each person order one of the $9 plates and everyone share a bit. The owner will often come and suggest things, so talk with him because he's very friendly.

La Rocca Ristorante Italiano
1565 Commercial Drive

La Rocca is the most reasonably priced authentic Italian food I have found and it is by far the best place for a date. Make sure to get at their wine list as they import some amazing stuff.

Indian fusion:
1480 W 11th Ave.

Expensive place, but the duck breast in lime leaf curry and jalapeno rice is untouchable. Get it? Untouchables.

Banana Leaf
3005 West Broadway

Banana Leaf is rather surprising because it has a variety of dishes for all tastes including spinach in shrimp and the sambal chili with fried okra, eggplant & green bean. I suggest going earlier in the evening however because the food takes a long time to prepare.

Salvadoran: (my favourite place to eat)
Rinconcito Salvadorean Restaurant
2062 Commercial Drive

The best place in Vancouver. I eat here at least once a week and the only problem I have is that you can't go on Friday's for dinner unless you want a minimum one hour standing wait. Seriously epic establishment for those who like Latin American food.
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since u asked nicely <3 odium
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Tampa, FL

Originally Posted by Infinity View Post
Let's get some spots in Tampa here. I rarely eat at nice restaurants, so I don't have much to contribute.

Tampa, FL

Places to Eat
$ - Cheap
$$ - More Expensive
$$$ - Super Expensive

Wright's Gourmet Cafe - $$ - On South Dale Mabry, so expect to see a lot of very hot women here with their MILFs. Great sandwiches and salads, and they have some good breakfast stuff there, too. Their most popular sandwich is the Beef Martini. Their Website.

Gallery Eclectic Bistro - $$ - Located in International Plaza's Bay Street by the Cheesecake Factory. They have some very good alcoholic drinks and their chicken marsala was very, very good. A little expensive... but it's International Plaza.

Subs 'N Such - $ - Located in a gas station plaza at the intersection of Livingston Ave. and Bearss Ave. They have great subs for really cheap... their Cuban is very good. What they are most famous for, however, is their extremely large selection of sodas. They have some very rare cola that you can't find at most places to purchase with your meal. Their Website.

Luptons - $ - Located on Busch Blvd. in Temple Terrace, this is an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet. Don't expect anything fancy here. They basically threw a bunch of picnic tables into an old wooden building and constantly serve some very good BBQ. All-you-can-eat + BBQ = always good in my book. Their Website.

Tijuana Flats - $ - A very college-y mexican place... but you can't deny that they serve some excellent food. If you haven't been to one and you are in the area, there is one up in Wesley Chapel area and one right by the University of South Florida on Fowler Ave. I usually get the Mega-Juana Chimichanga or Tostadas. Their Website.

Lenny's Sub Shop - $ - A sub sandwich chain, but it does not have a lot of locations. I believe the first one is about to open up in California. Excellent subs. I recommend getting the Deluxe Club. Their cookies are awesome as well. It has a Subway-vibe, but they have fresh deli meats and cheeses that they slice for each sandwich. Their Website.

Side Bern's - $$$ - A restaraunt located next to the famous Bern's Steak House in SoHo (South Howard Ave) which I've heard from many many people that it has some of the best food in town. I have yet to go there, but I am highly anticipating when I do. Their Website.

Big City Tavern - $$$ - Located in Centro Ybor. This is a pretty nice place to sit and just have some beer or wine and enjoy a good piece of meat (steaks, chops, chicken, etc...) that is cooked right and presented well with some great sides. I have only been once, but I will probably be going back again. One more thing... SIERRA NEVADA PALE ALE on TAP! The service was pretty good. Their Website.

That's it for right now.... I'm tired of typing.

More Tampa: [from happyness is a sunbeam]
Acropolis in Ybor- excellent,excellent greek food, plus you make a mess
Subport- in Carrolwood, tasty subs, get them how they come
Pho Quien- if you like Vietnamese as much as I do, Temple Terrace area
Mr. Dunderbak's- in the University Square Mall...I can't tell you how much I love this German restaurant. It feels like going to Disney or something.

Even more Tampa: [from jaegertech]

The Olive Tree
Good selection of Greek and some Italian food.

Best BBQ I've ever had. Serves beef ribs the size of your forearm. Owner is a genuinely nice guy and usually around to chat with the customers. Reaffirms that if you want good BBQ, look for a fat Texan.

Ploy Thai
Great Thai food and a nice restaurant.

The pizza and meals aren't bad, but the buffalo wings are awesome and the bleu cheese is fucking incredible.

Campbell's Dairy Land
South of Parsons and 60 in Brandon. Incredible selection of desserts and deep fried Americana.

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Studio Red
San Diego, CA

Broken Yolk - best. omelettes. ever. Located in the PB area off of Garnett.

Sushi Deli (1, 2, and 3) - not the best, but cheap, and a great drink special ($5 for a 32 oz beer and a little pitcher of warm Sake.. perfect for Sake bombing )

EZ Burger - Come on Wednesday and Sunday nights. .99 cent burgers, rivaling the quality of In & Out. No joke. Located Clairemont Mesa Area.

If I think of more I'll post.. but as it is I doubt any SD heads are perusing this right now
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Originally Posted by Ezekial View Post
Philadelphia (I am new here and still learning the area, but have found/been told about the following)

Issac Newtons - - just north east of Philly in Newtown PA - great beer selection

thought this was interesting because I am a line cook here. Didn't expect to see it posted but whaddya know

but yeah, we have over 200 beers and generally get slammed on the weekends (and every damn day just about)
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Bear and Grill - Fairfield , CT makes the best buffalo burgers out there!
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Chicago, IL

ok scrolled all the sway through and only saw potbelly's sandwich works for chicago.

You're gonna have to google up addresses on your own:

Mediterranean (sp?) Pita Inn. not only is this place's food awesomely good - but the prtions are large and you pay only 6 bux - OR LESS. I ususally get the filafel plate, but what i recommend for firstcomers is the "combination feast" I think it's like... 6.95 and it's everything. the chicken, the lamb, the beef, the filafel all on a bed of this amazing yellow rice that I must surmise has drugs in it. If you go during lunch the combination feast is only 4.95

Mexican - hrmm this I'll have to come back to. depends on what you call "mexican". The real mexican food is on the south side, but if you don't know this area I don't recommend you wandering into it. However, on the northside of chicago, I'de just recommend you drive around Lawrence and find yourself a mexican place there. Ask if they have Horchata. If not, get out of there - LOL.

Korean - GREAT SEAS Chinese Restaurant- Contrary to the name, the food is actually korean/Chinese. The owners of chinese restaurants who cater to koreans all make GGan Pong gi and JJa Jang Myun. And speak korean, english and chinese. the Korean spicy chicken wings are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (it's called Ggan pon gi). 10 bux will get you enough to share, or if you eat lot.. just for yourself. LOL but be warned. these wings are spicy - eat them with rice. 3254 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago

korean food for Kalbi and bulgogi - grill it yourself at your own table - food good. many people like it here - dunno why. tastes like korean food. LOL
San Soo Gab San 5247 N. Western Ave., Chicago

Chinese/Chinatown - Ken Kee's In the heart of chinatown, this restaurant has affordable dishes,and they're stuff straight out of hong kong. Not your general tsos (altho I'm sure it's on the menu of my non adventurous friends ordered spaghetti here). I recommend Tong Choy in garlic sauce, and the orange beef which tastes (i kid you not) like orange tang or a creamsicle. Also, if you like the taste of green apple, they have an amazing "Green apple green tea" with or without tapioca.

The NOODLE BOWL - This one's maybe 4 blocks from the ken kees, and for 5 dollars, or 5.50 yu can get a big heaping bowl of pho. It used to be a PHO HOA which is a chain restaurant... so all the food is there. I know it doesn't count as chinese food, but it's so damn good. and it's in chinatown :/

FEIDA BAKERY - you want a snack? a small Hong Kong style tea, and a steamed bbq pork bun? then I recommend this FEIDA BAKERY or SAINT ANNA's BAKERY. Feida is over in old chinatown... and Saint annas is close to ken kee in new chinatown. Chinatown here is very walkable. at most it's half a mile. Unlike california's chinatown which is like... a town or city.

Japanese - Midori Japanese Restaurant. 3310 W Bryn Mawr Ave Chicago, IL 60659-4510
kinda pricey as japanese always is, but I like their donkatsu, and tell Pinya the hispanic sushi guy that Holly says Hi. BTW altho he is hispanic he has been learning under japanese sushi chefs since he was like ...14.

Cheap japanese - closer to the middle of chicago you'll find shiroi hana. If you're feinding for japanese and don't have much money - the sushi for 2 dinner is 17 bux, and it's one of those big circular bowls filled with sushi. it really is enough for two people.
Shiroi Hana Restaurant, 3242 N Clark St, Chicago, IL

if there's any other type of cuisine you'd like mentioned pls pm me to add it to this post.

<3 Ivory ^_^

More Chicago, IL from Trinitrogen Oxide

The best cheese burger and beer is had at Hackneys Printers Row 733 S. Dearborn. The burger is local award winning and they have an amazing seasonal beer collection, stuff you will never see anywhere else. Weather permitting, sit outside and enjoy a beautiful part of Chicago. The onion rings are a favorite of my friends, but onion rings in general have never been my thing.

The best "concept" burgers in town are at Kuma's Corner 2900 W. Belmont Ave. Their menu consists a couple appitizers (I suggest the "Make Your Own Mac N Cheese", but bring a friend) , and 20+ different types of burgers for entree, all named after a metal band. Im a traditionalist and stick with the Clutch (comes with Cheddar, Swiss, Jack, and Smoked Gouda). But their staple is the Kuma Burger with Bacon, Cheddar, Fried Egg on it. They only get more wild from their. I hope you like heavy metal music, or bring ear plugs.

And as a small aside, my favorite burger in town is from Blackies on 755 S Clark St. NOT BOSTON BLACKIES. It's simple, cheap, delicious, and comes with a nice stack of seasoned fries. I think its better than any of the burgers at the 2 places I mentioned, it just loses in the atmosphere dept.
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Baltimore, MD

Ido En sushi on the inner harbor
Rusty Scupper - outstanding seafood restaurant
Brewer's Art - awesome brewery/pub in a nicer part of Baltimore (Mt Vernon)
Fell's Point. It's not a single place, it's a section of Baltimore, lots of cool shops and places to drink/eat

More Baltimore, MD from Veeb0rg

Matthew's Pizza -

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These are all pricey, but extremely good.

Joe's Restaurant - Venice, CA

Farallon - San Franciso, CA

Boulevard - San Francisco, CA

Skate's on the Bay - Berkeley, CA

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No titty for me.
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Been cleaning this index up like DHermit did for the Recipe index. (Thanks for that)
Post links to thread or nicely formatted posts here and I will add them up top.

still some work to be done, its a work in progress.
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