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answer my posts dammit!
hard drives that used to be in raid0 readable?

I found some old hard drives that I had, and I think 2 of them were in a raid0 configuration ages ago. I no longer have the motherboard that ran the raid, nor do I know what on-board motherboard software ran the raid. Is there anyway for me to extract the data? Also, if I put one of those drives in an enclosure would I be able to browse some of the files or would the drive be completely unreadable? I have several old HDD's and I'm not too sure which ones were in a raid config. Thanks
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Forever Domon
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completely unreadable.

However, if you have both, you can use something like raid reconstructor or getdataback or r-studio to virtually remake the raid.
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Possible? maybe. Do you have lots of time and extra harddrive space to spare?
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If there's nothing specific of value it really isn't worth the time.

generally speaking if there was something of value you shouldn't have been using raid 0.. that's for OS, porn and videogames.
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