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In my experience, it's generally a bad idea. My current gf and I met at work about 3 years ago, and I know for a fact I never got promoted because of this, even though we weren't even assigned to work the same shifts. I actually got promised a promotion if I transferred, left the store and never got promoted. If a manager has an issue with it, they can make your life more difficult without any justification, it just happens.

If you want to pursue her, wait until the end of your internship to make a move. That way, you won't screw up anything with your employer (why you're doing the internship in the first place) and if you get rejected, so what? If it works out, great you obviously live close(ish) to one another if you work at the same place, not to mention you go to the same school.
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Why the fuck was my post deleted? I posted a relevant opinion that was asked for.
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Originally Posted by aoeoae View Post
just be aware that as a female intern in a technical field, she's probably been asked out or at least hit on by a dozen other guys at the company (most of whom werent interns).

although that is very valid it doesn't mean that he doesn't have something else she's interested in compared to all the other prospects - it's not fair to say 20 guys hit on her and got denied doesn't mean #21 is going to fail, its all about presentation
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