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Originally Posted by cheezy View Post
"Broscience" is the definition of information given through other guys at the gym. I haven't called anything you've said that. Gibonius, yes.
Considering you know precisely nothing about what research I've done or what my state of fitness is, you're kind of talking out of your ass here. But I'm not going to shit up V's thread anymore.
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All the fasting in the world wont save your calves.

Regardless, this is pretty interesting stuff.
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Oh, and cool thread V. Damn physiology research is sort of subject to confirmation bias, you can find solid looking evidence to support several competing theories. I'd discounted that Warrior Diet business after reading his (atrocious) website, had never bothered to actually delved into the literature like I did for the conventional methods. It'll be interesting to see how it works out for you. I'm basically non-functional if I don't eat throughout the morning, but IF could be a viable alternative for some people I suppose.
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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
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Day 2:
Log: I've noticed my bodys natural approach to hunger starts around 2 and 3. I get REALLY hungry by this time, and yesterday I was literally watching the clock until it hit 4. As such, today I am shifting and eating from 3-9 instead of 4-10. I'm not usually as hungry late at night, so I'm giving this a try.

For training, I did notice a bit of a drop in intensity and ability to lift weights. It may have been that I took about a week off as I was traveling and interviewing, but I'll keep my eye on it. I ate during the fasting period. It didn't really impact me that much, I just felt a bit weaker at times and needed slightly longer recovery times.

I'll update with my daily diet afterwards.
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Day One

Food/Supps (all other days will be like this, or close enough):

8:30am, 12pm, 4pm
25mg Ephedrine
300mg caffeine
3 fish oil (720mg EPA/DHA each)

11am, 1pm
1 cup green tea

Creatine PWO

Today I'm aiming for 2600-3000 calories.

3pm - Glass noodles with sausage and egg = 500 cal
4pm - pre-workout meal - 3 eggs, 3/4 cup oats + protein = 510 cal
6pm - intra and post workout = 300 cal
6:30pm - 5 egg(3 yolk), thai stirfry = 600

At 8:30 or 9 I'll have a rice crispy treat or something else random and possibly not nutritionally sound.
At 10 I'll have about 350 cal of cottage cheese.

I'm finding it hard as hell to eat 2500+ cals in 7 hours. The ephedrine really kills my appetite, which was great when I was snacking every couple hours, but I need recovery food. I'm definitely going to have to find some more nutrient dense foods. Perhaps tomorrow I'll find out how much peanut butter I can handle.

On the plus side, deadlifts were 365x5 today. I had written down 355, but I had plenty of energy and 315 felt like a sack of feathers. Hopefully Friday I knock out 215x3 bench, and 285x3 squat.

Full of food, water, creatine, and caca, I'm 211lb. I'll take a better reading in the morning.
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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
Vendetta's Avatar
Day 2 Diet:
3PM: 6 meatballs, 2 chicken breasts, 2 pieces whole wheat bread
5PM: Shake
6PM: Handfull of sugar free jelly beans, piece of bread
7PM: Chicken breast, drumstick, tater tots
8PM: 2 pieces whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, some honey
9PM: Protein shake

Not so bad here today, I noticed my body gets hungry around 2/3 so I shifted my times back.

What's getting weird is screwing with my bodies timing. I usually drop a deuce in the morning, which Is till do, but now at midnight my body snaps to attention and I gotta sit on the pot for a while. Important to this log? Not really, but I wanted to bear it attention.

Early post-bulk photos: I took some photos today, harder than it usually is as I cant find my tripod. I tried to give some flexing so you can see my gains of the ill-wanted fat kind from this recent bulk. Not overly so, but you can see I'm much smoother than usual and very little separation in the muscles. I didn't include my legs because I never gain fat there, you can see my site for info on my legs. When I get home to my girlfriend, I'll have her take some pictures of my back. This will also give me a progress update on my body for you all as well as me actually freaking posing, rather than this strain shit here.

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I've gained 4lbs lean body mass in the last 3 weeks and a couple days
Old 03-26-2009, 05:01 PM (907)COK-GOBLR is offline  
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Day Two:

2pm - Stirfry
4pm - Oats, whey, peanut butter
6pm - More of that there stirfry
9pm - Cottage cheese

Not too hard to eat ~2200 calories today. Only two doses of ephedrine today, and increased appetite. I had less protein and more carbs than usual, but I feel pretty good overall. Eating almost double portions is pretty neat too.

This mornings weigh-in was 207, but I didn't have a routine movement. At least I have something to compare to in a month.

Overall, nothing spectacular.
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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
Vendetta's Avatar
It may just be a trick of the mind, but I think i've lost a noticeable bit of fat in just a few days. I'm tighter today, with more vascularity.
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I've been a daytime faster for years. I eat once, over the course of a few hours, at night. I'm just too busy during most days to sit down and waste time snacking/eating.

In the mornings, usually 600-800, I run anywhere from 7 to 8.5 miles, and in the afternoon (1600-1700) I'll throw on another 1-1.5 miles, with some strength training.

The hard part is running in the morning--the pooping urge is just ridiculous sometimes, but I have no qualms against taking a break for 5-10 minutes before going at it again.

One cool thing about eating once a day is that the body seems to appreciate being fed a lot more when you starve it for most of the day.
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Day Three

3pm - Teriyaki chicken and rice
4pm - Cheese and caramel popcorn
5pm - Preworkout : oats, whey, peanut butter
630pm - Postworkout : shake and rice crispy treat
715pm - Turkey on English muffin and popcorn
9pm - Cottage cheese

215x3 bench, 290x3 ATG squat, +30lbx8 dips. It's what I had written down, but it was relatively easy compared to last Friday. Seems I have loads more energy when I eat a large meal prior to working out.

Vendetta, maybe you can chime in. I feel almost sick by the time the eating period is over from forcing myself to eat. You?
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Originally Posted by (907)FAN-BOY View Post
I've gained 4lbs lean body mass in the last 3 weeks and a couple days

And how much fat? (please tell me that's a joke)
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Originally Posted by Retardedchicken View Post
And how much fat? (please tell me that's a joke)

He's probably using dat dere cell-tech!
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Ok, so I think this might be a dumb question. I'm interested in your diet and its my understanding that you're in preparation for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. Is your diet and routine tailored any different than it would be for bulking and cutting cycles while on IF in comparison with a bulking or cutting cycle on a multi day routine? Do you even differentiate your diet between bulking and cutting cycles?
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Day 6 update:

295x5 squats, 215x5 bench, +35lb dips

Looking noticeably better in a 2 week comparison picture. Very interested in seeing more progress. Weights are going up faster than I have in my workout planner, and I'm feeling great.

So far, slight calorie deficit + IF is helping me lose weight and build strength. Doesn't seem counterproductive so far.
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