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I stick my fingers up my ass... then smell them
Originally Posted by DigitalMocking View Post
she's either fucking him again, or will be soon. That's why girls talk to exes, to keep safety dick around.

This is a possibility.

I remember one girl i started seeing had a "bad breakup" with her bf, then one night I found out he was texting her and even asked her for a ride home one drunken night (that she actually did pick him up that night out o guilt apparently).

I confronted her about it and she swore up and down that it meant nothing and she was absolutely over him.

Few weeks later we basically have a mutual break up, but upon myspace investigations I find out that not only was she back with him, but she had gone to a party he threw and looked absolutely wasted in most of the pictures WHILE we were still going out.

On the other hand though, it's pretty common for ex's to retain some kind of contact. Although IMO it should be extremely limited to obligatory messages like "oh hey, long time no's life going.....blah blah etc. etc.". Actual physical contact is a huge red flag
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Originally Posted by brkdncr View Post
look people, there's a lot more gonig on here then the OP is able to lay out. Or less. in fact, i re-read the OP and there's no mention that the girl is actually in contact with the guy other than a myspace friend. Who even uses myspace anymore?

Next, empied email. There are a million reasons why someone would clean out their email like that, and only one of them is "hide stuff from my boyfriend"

OP is jumping to conclusions. I don't know his relationship, but if this were my situation (and it wouldn't be), i'd tell the gf that I snooped through her email, saw it was emptied out completely, saw that she was friends on some social website with the ex, and then point-blank ask her if she's been talking with him. And why she emptied her email.

When it's all done, I'd ask her to change her passwords.
Uh huh. Since you would 'never be' in this situation because you are too socially elite to use something like 'myspace', why are we all wrong and you right?

As mentioned, safety dick is a pretty fucking easy bet. Great expression. Will use it more often. You not understanding a situation does not make everyone else wrong.
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Extra Virgin
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Shoot a straight question if you feel compelled, otherwise distance your mind from this reactionary distrust. Or don't and leave.
If you can't trust her to talk to an ex, or anyone else in this world without being unfaithful (whatever your definition may be), she's not worth being with.
I'm banned from major expenditures 'til I get a job :( - Tex Arcana
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