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Originally Posted by elleana View Post
one word.


That's what I was thinking. 7 years is an awful long time and you said they just broke up.
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She might be into it for a rebound but once you two hookup feelings can develop and she might stick... you never really know until you risk it. Life is short, what can you really lose from the experience? If it doesn't work out you move on and mark it down as life experience...if you're attracted to her give it a shot. Don't over-analyze it. That's a mistake I've made plenty of times in the past and I fucking regret it.
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When she told you that she wanted to be single for a while and not date anyone, she was basically letting you know that she just wants companionship on the rebound.

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if it's been within a few months since the break up it's definitely a rebound.

Good news is you can have good short lived fun and will have an immeasurably easier time tapping that ass, but it will not last and you should be extremely cautious about investing anything into the "relationship".

edit- to make things more clear, i say go for it
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