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Clubbing question (beijing)

i went to a Beijing club a few nights ago and I was just wondering.

I went with a few friends but they all had GFs and so I was kinda a loner, but anyway, I'm dancing and this chick comes up and smiles at me and then nods and turns around starts to dance with me.

It was an interesting experience since I've never danced with a foreign girl before but I had a few questions.

First, she starts dancing with me and we're slowly grinding I guess and then another guy comes up and she starts dancing with him, she grinds him a few minutes and then she turns around and faces him and starts to dance with him but pulls me to her behind and we start dancing again. She then did something weird, she moved her hand down to my pants and felt for my wood in which it was there and then she kinda dances away with the other dude. My friend then calls me and so she's dancing with two other people and I don't know if she wanted to dance anymore or not since I got the call right after she had left for another guy but had called me over the last time, so I'm confused.

Basically, why did this girl randomly come up to me and dance with me, never had that happen before but then again, I don't have too much experience. Also next, what's up with pulling away an then pulling me back? Next, why did she feel for wood? Finally, I suppose I could get better at dancing, what's the best way to learn and such?
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shes a club slut that likes attention and she likes to pull strings to control guys around her.
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Attention whore on a power trip.
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they're right. She was teasing you along with every other guy in that club
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Had similar experiences in a beijing club too when I went there last year...

just attention whores
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She does it to everyone. You're not special.
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My guess is that she's a hooker, looking for the next potential john.
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Originally Posted by IBJanky View Post
My guess is that she's a hooker, looking for the next potential john.

especially at the foreigner clubs in china. Been down south, did the same thing you did(less cock grabbing though) and realized they ain't nothing but hoes and tricks
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Or maybe she was checking to see which guys get hard when they dance with her and which dont, so as to gauge peoples experiences levels to help base her decisions for potential future mating partners, and you didnt make the cut?

just kidding she was just some whore
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ehhhh... have as much fun with them as you want. its better than being the loner on the sides. dancing with a slutty chick is way more fun.
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Grinding != dancing.
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Originally Posted by theLiberator View Post
Grinding != dancing.

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Does anyone still care about UID?
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I would go so far as to say that not only is this normal outside of most muslim countries, but at select clubs within some muslim countries this behaviour can still be found. It is part of the mysterious process known as 'teasing'. It is like 'flirting', but involves a certain level of physical contact.

When she measured you up for size, you failed to make the cut. Do not feel too bad, maybe she is a size queen.
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