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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post
One woman has like all of the superheavyweight records

I actually saw her compete in October at my first meet. Very, very strong woman but as mean as it sounds I didn't think she was a female until they announced "she"
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I just YouTubed her she's a beast. She'd kick my ass for sure.
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I feel fully healed so I'll actually start again with heavy weight, been doing light exercises throughout the week to recover from meet. I'm actually going to change things up and try the smolov squat program I've been reading about. I love 5/3/1 and been doing it 6 months but I think trying smolov for 13 weeks will be a nice change and it's heavily focused on squats, no deadlifting, and light on bench. Link to stronglifts for it:

This will be my last post in this thread, I'm going to create another one because I feel this one has served it's time and I'm not doing MadCow anymore.
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Happy to see people are still making good progress. Keep it up!
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