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Ehh.. has anyone ever written an argument against the "static stretching is bad before workouts" theory. I feel like I'm personally more prone to injury with my groin that seems to lock up tight every day from my sedentary job. I stretch the fuck out of my legs, hips and glutes when I get to the gym even if its not a leg day. :/
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So guys my life is pretty insane right now. Right after making this thread I went to Japan for almost three weeks for a couple of conferences, and returned at the end of August.

During that time I worked out maybe twice, stretched maybe three times. Not ideal, but you would absolutely not believe the schedule they had us running on. Insanity.

At any rate, I got back and I was like "hmm." I was still kind of discouraged from my earlier experience (more on that in a sec) but I decided to try something. I noticed my legs are quite weak, so I figured doing some horizontal work (running) would help. Over the course of four weeks I worked up to doing the full American Parkour Warmup routine:

Originally Posted by APK
3 Rounds:

Run 2-400m

10-15 Squats

10-15 Pull-Ups
10-15 Pushups

2 x :30 Samson Stretch Each Side

Agility Work- Mark a 10-rung ladder on the floor, each rung 12-18 inches apart. Perform the following agility drills as a circuit, repeat 2-3 times:

High Knees, one step per-block

High Knees, two steps per-block

Side-step, two steps per-block

High Knees, backwards, one step per-block

Butt-kicks, one step per-block

So that's 1.5mi/day. I did it three days a week. I couldn't start out at that much volume, but by my last week I did 3 full days of the max numbers on each! (3 reps of the top part, 15 pullups/pushups/squats each time) It was great, a fantastic feeling.

The first time I tried it I only did one round (and did the lower number for the exercises) of the workout and one round of the agility drills. Afterwards, I was dead. I just lay on the ground for literally 10 minutes and could not see straight or anything, just total wipeout.

Now, I can do the full thing three times in a row! Feels great. I've also noticed that my legs have gotten bigger - some of my boxers don't fit anymore (they're uncomfortable) and I think my jeans are starting to get a bit uncomfortable around the upper thigh area too.

I have more energy and feel great - I think I really needed this as much for the muscle development as the cardio. Feels awesome.

Fast forward to today: just moved to Tokyo, I'm staying in a friend's house and looking for apartments right now - quite busy. I'm taking this week off (gonna go jogging tonight, probably one or two more times this week) and plan on starting a new routine next week.

I am going to do Air Alert for my legs & lower body, and have yet to decide what I'm going to do for my upper body. I figure if it's used to increase my vertical, it will increase my leg strength. Air Alert is 15 weeks long, so that'll take me through next year.

As regards the tail tucking problem - looking at myself in the mirror it actually happens below parallel, and looking at my girlfriend it happens with her too, as her butt approaches her calves. It looks honestly like a natural thing, and I'm not that worried about it right now, especially because I'm not planning on doing a weighted squat until sometime next year.

Anyways, I'm really excited about my development and I'm looking forward to getting stronger! Working out really does work, you just have to figure out what's right for you!
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Originally Posted by Bradley22 View Post
Sometimes it so happen people discourage us because they already discourage by their selves so u dont need to wory at do what u want work always of ur own choice if u want to success in life.......

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C'mon guys, 2 weeks and the only response is a spambot?
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Do you still have access to weights and a barbell?

I recently came across John Broz' method of squatting every day. It's kicking my ass, but I think, despite popular knowledge, it's working. It's got me more flexible and confident in my squat. I didn't think that I'd be up over 200 again for a long time, but I'm at 255 for a single right now, and it's been going up daily.
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Hey guys, how's it going? Fapling - how's your progress been?
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