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GhEttOrAiD's Avatar
Recumbent Bicycles vs Treadmills...

Last time I had a gym membership, I had my free consult with a trainer... he took one look at me, weighed me, then said "Hit the treadmill until you've lost like 100lbs, dood"

It's not practical or cost effective for me to join a gym, especially if I'm only using ONE piece of equipment for weeks and weeks and weeks.

It would also be a lot cheaper to pick up a stationary bike than it would be to get a treadmill... Is this a decent compromise?

The bike I'm looking at has handles that you push/pull, I'm not incredibly happy about that I kind of feel like it's going to reduce the amount of effort required to keep going for hours and hours, but I suppose it's better to work the whole body rather than just my legs. And, yknow, I'm getting it for free.

Worst case, I do also have a friend who will be night-managing a gym nearby if I need some variety... But before I proceed with this plan, is there any reason I MUST be on a treadmill? Is stationary biking not going to be as effective?
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With where you live, what's wrong with going outside?

Plus weight training would probably work faster than both
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As Coqui said, weights / anaerobic circuits will do you much better for weightloss...
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Phil Taylor
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a +1 for the bike is the low-impact nature of the exercise.

along with cross trainers, i'll use one every time over a treadmill because i have to be careful not to stress the joints in my legs/feet.

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Biking is much better...

- easier on your joints and less impact
- better workout for your leg muscles when you turn the resistance up/ ride hills

The thing with the arms is an eliptical. They're fine too.
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at this point you're so out of shape it doesn't matter what you do.

as long as you DO IT (hardest thing about weight loss)
and do it HARD (2nd hardest thing)
and you do it LONG (that's what she said)
and you do it CONSISTANTLY (that means don't be lazy and get your ass to the gym)

you'll be fine til you've built up some cardiovascular endurance doing whatever you plan to do.

losing weight comes down to one and only thing: WORK

Do the work, get the result.
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Typhoon43's Avatar
It's also about 80% diet, 20% working out to lose weight. I lift 4 times a week, and that includes hard lifting AND an hour of cardio on the eliptical rider or Treadmill with my HR above 150 the enitre time. Been doing it for 2 months now. Havnen't lost a single pound The problem is that I drink 3-4 nights a week and when I drink, I drink A LOT. Probably had 1500 calories in aclohol just last night. It's a tit for tat situation.

By all means LIFT, but watch your calorie intake as well. You have to do both.
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Phil Taylor
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just go onto straight spirits. you might end up pissing in the gutter while singing nursery rhymes at the top of your lungs, but at least you'll be thinner.

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eat right and walk thats how i started and have lost over 100 pounds. eating right is the hardest yet most important you can exercise till your blue in the face but if your eating isn't in life, it dont matter.

since your so heavy (like i was) once you start eating good and drinking LOTS of water the weight will start to melt off, its hard but remember you didn't gain the weight overnight and you wont loose it over night.

oh and i find riding a stationary bike to be pissing in the wind, you can spend twice as much time and not get half the results of a nice walk or slow jog
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