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Night Black

I live with a bunch of great guys. We're academically oriented, we have a great time, and while we do drink, we do it socially and we've never drank to the point of self-harm despite the obvious stereotypes most fraternities have.

What's been happening over the past few months is one of our roommates, an exchange student, has been descending into alcoholism. At first we noticed he'd always have a drink in hand, but this being a fraternity we didn't account for it until he started acting differently, like he'd look perfectly fine until we noticed that he was zoned out and extremely quiet, giving us vague life advice. As soon as we noticed this, we told him we were concerned about his drinking and what it was doing to him. He stopped coming to our meetings. We cut him off from alcohol. He simply stopped spending time in the house and started spending time at the local bars. He'd drink at one bar, move to the next, then the next, then come back piss drunk at random times of day. We tried to get the local bars to stop serving him, but they've turned a blind eye- Apparently he spends a lot there.

The washroom's now a perpetual mess of bodily fluids, another roommate is pissed off since drunk roommate grabbed his girlfriend and attempted to kiss her, he's passed out on the stairs and in various places several times, and now his complexion is becoming yellow, which is throwing us from "very concerned" to "terrified" since it signifies liver damage. For a while he was sobering up, happy after dating another woman. Apparently from what I've heard, one of his close friends tricked him into missing a date, and then fucked his girlfriend. We think distance from his family and a tendency to be a loner is causing this, though we know we are far from qualified to make such a judgement. His family cares for him though, and he's been ignoring them. We know they're willing to come and help if asked.

Our current plan is to intercept the next call his parents make to him on the house landline (we don't know their number) and tell them what's going on, and to ask for help. He's about six months behind on rent and the landlord wants him out, though there is a fear of what will happen to him if he's booted out.

I have no idea what to do here. I need help before he kills himself drinking like this.
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This is a difficult situation, because even if you called an ambulance for him, he is well within his rights to refuse care, and they can legally leave at that point.

Does he ever make threats to anyone, threaten to hurt himself, or act violently toward anyone? If so, then the police could be called, and you could talk to the police about getting him help.

It's a tough situation, because usually people like this are very unreasonable. I hope you guys are able to help him out, I wish I had some better advice to give but I have never had to deal with something like this.

If you're able to get him into a hospital somehow to see a doctor, it might be a good wake-up call. Are there any AA meetings in your area? maybe you could locate one and go talk to the person who runs it about what you can do to help this guy.
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