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Incompatibility with a girl?

There's this girl that I've dated on and off for the past few years and she's gorgeous and fun. However, at times during our relationship she was really selfish and it really hurt me a lot. She's one of those girls that often when guys reflect on the past girls they've dated, "there was one girl that just drove me crazy..."

Anyway, we connected again recently and we've been going out a few times and started getting physical and for some reason, I'm unable to stay hard or even get hard when we're making out and doing other stuff. I'm not sure what's going on since this has never happened to me before. The previous girls that I've dated, just holding their hand got me a hard on and I was always embarrassed to try to hide it, and when intimate, it was quite easy to stay hard for long sessions too. So performance has never ever been an issue before with anyone.

But with this girl, I've always had issues, not just once or twice, but at least a half dozen times. I'm to the point in which I'm starting to question perhaps our history is like an emotional cock block or something. I've never had issues with performance with anyone else ever, so this is extremely weird for me.

Could this just be a sign of incompatibility?
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You don't really feel anything for her anymore. It's probably just your body's way of saying "Nah... I don't like this" I just recently reconnected with a girl I've known off and on since high school. I haven't seen her yet, and even though it will be nice to hang out again, I'm probably going to have a panic attack because of all the shit she put me through.
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Phil Taylor
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happened to me.

friend's female friend came to stay at our house, she ends up in my bed. from past experience with her i know she's not the type of girl i'd want to be sleeping with, and my cock agrees. i tore myself up about it for a while, wondering what was wrong, but nah i agree with the above poster - there's just something in the way.

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It could be a number of things. Are you overthinking your ability to perform sexually? If you're worried that you are going to finish too fast or not be good, that can have a lot to do with it. If that's not an issue and never has been, then it could just be that this girl has too many things that you don't like that you start thinking about when you're about to get intimate. You might start thinking that if you go through with it, it's going to give her the wrong impression, and she's going to stick around when you really don't want her to. It's a mental thing for sure, you just have to try and pinpoint the cause.
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Impulse Rxn
Absolutely. That happened to me this summer- I got out of a long term, serious live-in relationship and the first girl I rebounded on was, at face value, very cute and sweet, funny and charming. We didn't get really physical until a few weeks in and, by that time, I realized that she was a narcissistic gold digger with serious image issues (and pretty genuinely not nice) and I pretty legitimately couldn't even get it hard enough to put it in her.

It's easy to be casual with someone you literally know nothing about, but when there's someone who I know i dislike very sincerely on a personal level, I absolutely can't fake that kind of physical affection.
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el borracho
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So many things can cause this issue. Since you said that you did not experience this with other girls before, maybe the cause is mental. Maybe it will not happen when she's there in front of naked with legs wide spread.
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