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Dunkirk101's Avatar
Deese Womens Needs to stop with this Sexual Harassment Shit

First they start with Bill Cosby. "Oh he groped at my breast back in 1972", then another "Oh he rubbed his shaft up against my butt in an elevator back in 1983" and then whole hordres of them come out of no where with all kinds of wild stories trying to swindle as much money as they can from this shit knowing full well that the majority of them are lying through their teeth

Now here they go again with this guy Harvey Weinstein.

There ought to be some type of laws to stop these female lynch mobs from doing these sort of things
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spoken like a true israelite
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voidme's Avatar
If they would just put on their burka and walk 3 paces behind their menfolk like allah wills instead of being whores of Babylon they wouldn't get touched.
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boobie poo bear luv hugs
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bruh, we're talking about women here... there's nothing logical or reasonable about them
(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻
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Straw Man
And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin; If I only had a brain......
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I'm sure he has a charming personality
"dogs came to man to make friends and help us hunt and guard unlike pigs"
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Originally Posted by RuHo View Post

I'm sure he has a charming personality

To make up for his tiny cut dick? Or that he certainly ain't a looker, thats for certain.

Who knows, maybe his dick shoots $1000 bills.
Gen[M]ay. Who needs members? We have mods.

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Then the network comes back up. And then down again. Up... and down. It keeps going down like a Clinton intern.
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Women call it the Green Mile
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<--- EVOM
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good material for next season of curb your enthusiasm, hopefully

jeff looks extremely similar to weinstein
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