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At one time was probably B, but that has changed and I am now C.

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RSS Whore
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EDIT: Why doesn't genmay support polls? All other online forums do support them...
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That German Guy
Moderation is key. Especially in forums.
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You know.


That sorta thing.
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Though very moderate. I don't like pushing my faith on people too hard, I'll talk to them about it if they ask but that's pretty much it. And I don't practice my faith near enough.
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E) For me.
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grim desecration
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C due to a lack of current church home.
Drunken supporter of anything that sounds remotely shiny.
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Ninja Sniper- A sniper of ninjas.

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Aussienigger please ban me pronto faggot
The supermods and admins have no balls! I should've been perma'd the day I signed up.
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el borracho
I luvs me some big ole fatties... too bad my lil weiner makes them cry! :(

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Most will agree when I say half my posts arent worth reading.

OWK is my official hero.

suffocate (9:05:45 PM): he's the sweetest guy you will ever meet. fuck off.
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"F" always and forever!
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E, because there is no definite answer and there will never be an answer until I die.
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F, clearly. I think the current religions are a more advanced version of the old myths, modified by the need to put down some rules for the populace and a lot of adaption.
(Explanations for everything, rules, and a reason to follow them. It's like parenting on a bigger scale.)
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Roy L Lennigan of the DEA
Originally Posted by Horsey
lol horsey.

i would be an E, with my left foot in the F circle and my right in the D circle.
i am agnostic because my beliefs are based in probability. i try to look at the world around me in the most logical way possible to try to rationalize what causes what and why. i put most of my faith in science because it's explanations of the universe are the most logical and probable. in scientific method, there really is no way to believe in a god, yet there is also no way to prove god's non-existance so it is really something that cannot be debated. a true scientist would be ignorant to be atheist, but just as ignorant to believe in god without a doubt.
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