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Junkie Mod
shit the needle broke off in my ass cheek
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somewhere between D and E.
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helter skeletor
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God: F, Books: C.

I think religious texts have some value for some of the lessons involved, but I don't believe in any sort of spiritual being.
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I sent a 5 lb bag of penis snot to kristchan for a title <3
Pretty good catagories, I must say. Well-defined and yet comprehensive.
I am without a doubt a D.
Want to get married over the internet? The reverend is in :cool:
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Somewhere between B and C
21k user club
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Hi2u I'm a gurl on the internets!
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B. I hardly ever go to church, but I still have faith that there is a god.
if you can guess who's dupe account this is, you're smarter than i am.
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Somewhere between E and F.
Never a frown with golden brown.
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F, though I think religious texts have far more value than mere 'entertainment' and I found the whole F option written in a very hostile manner

I like religious people more than athiests most of the time, even though I don't believe in a human-like God. I wouldn't really call myself an athiest normally, but I would not hesitate to bet AGAINST a tribal old man in the sky god. I do not claim to know whether or not there is something out there, some intelligence, I prefer to say the laws of the universe are 'God'.
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The Shady
kevlar's adopted noob
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old grizzled jew
anyone hear of a nogistic christian? It's like beliving in christ was made by god, but NOT the son of god, and nothing catholic or any sorts. Hell is just where ALL the dead go (good, bad, and neutral people), and heaven is just a place in your mind where you believe in the holyness of man, and wouldn't personally harm anyone intentionally; seeing the best in anyone, a spiritual level of peace with everyone around you.
RIP sam, best KITTAH ever.... :(


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Europe loving faggot
Originally Posted by CaNaDiAn PyRo
Currently D, but I feel myself moving through to E and possibly F in the future.

Same here
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