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Originally Posted by SPYderBra View Post
So, i am moving temporaly to LA (coming from Brazil) and i will need to buy a car.

My budget is around US$ 4,000 and I would like a 4 door car that is not too old nor to hard to sell/maintain since i will not be for long in the US.

Been looking at ford fusion, nissan sentra but i dont know anything about their markets and i am sure i dont know many cars that are good for my criteria.

Thanks in advance.

Try to find a dodge aries K for a grand. they are old and nomrally sell for 500 or less due to engine problems. It's not an engine problem, it's low fuel pressure because the electric fuel pump is on the bottom of the frame and rusts out and plugs up
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you can get by pretty well with la metro + uber
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Ended up with this beater

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front plate missing, you got gypped
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title fixed for good of forums
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edit: should have read the whole thread first. Thats not a bad temporary car.
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