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Forever Domon
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Originally Posted by ATPSynthase View Post
Speaking of being respectful... you should try it.

I admitted to her that I probably should have told her before class. Overall, I've attended nearly every class, participated as required, and been respectful.

Drink and party so much? Are you just using stereotypes for the hell of it? Or are you one of those kids that nobody likes? I get sick more often because I'm immunocompromised. But thanks.

And just to reiterate. I was in class the day of presentations and she could visibly see and hear that I was physically unable to give the presentation.

More importantly, I'm here to get opinions on the situation and what to do... not for you people to judge me.
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So you didn't give a presentation when you were expected to, still passed the class, and are complaining? How is this unfair?
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Personally I'd expect a student to tell me before class if they were too sick to speak. Otherwise, it looks like you're sick but just hoping that you don't get picked to go.

That said, I would have still let you present later on. Taking 10% off the top like that is pretty rough.

Check the syllabus to see if she has an illness policy for students. If she followed it, you're kind of screwed. Can certainly try escalating to the next level, but I really don't know what the success rate is for that kind of thing.
Old 01-04-2011, 09:44 PM Gibonius is offline  
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No illness policy in the syllabus.
Old 01-04-2011, 09:57 PM ATPSynthase is offline  
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There is nothing in the syllabus for being sick? Even for midterms or finals? That's pretty odd.

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Letting her know before class would have been a plus. Explaining to her AFTER class would have been 100x better than sending her an email. Why didn't you talk to her after class instead of sending her an email? If you had talked to her, she would have known for sure that your voice was shit instead of read from a computer screen.
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I would have spoken to her prior to class and showed her all of your materials. THEN, she would have perfectly understood.
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You lost this fight bro. You don't always get a second chance in the real world and this is such an occasion. Like someone else said, you should have covered yourself beforehand by seeing a doctor in the morning and getting some kind of note or proof that you're sick. Say she makes an exception for you this time and your douchebag neighbor next to you tries to use it on his presentation and fakes his illness. What is the professor suppose to do?? You lose this time because you didn't take the right precautions. Move on.
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Go to the dean of whatever and ask, or file a grievance.
Old 01-05-2011, 02:00 PM Aseras is offline  
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¿Que pinga comemierda eres?

You were so sick you were able to show up to class and then talk to the professor about your sickness.

Should have done the presentation, maybe you only would have gotten 1% off your grade due to your bad pronunciation. Or maybe none for putting forth some effort.
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