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charities you've donated to, or virtue signaling general

a few hundred to givedirectly and la foodbank. just setup $30 monthly for givedirectly

i'm a selfish fuck, but i figure giving this much to africa is a better use of my money per dollar than spending $250k to raise a kid in the US
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arent you homeless
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aren't you asian
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Just gave 165 to some charity a couple of weeks ago. It included a round of golf, drinks at every hole, and a dinner at the end but I'm sure my money went to a good cause
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I fill up a paper bag with canned and boxed/non refrigerated food and shit for the post office to pick up every year. (Local food bank thing)

But it's always random shit that I forgot why I bought it in the first place and will likely never ever know, stuff that I'd rather go cannibal and eat my neighbors type of nonsense. I have a bad habit of impulse buying and tossing random shit in my cart, and the missus does as well apparently because we end up with shit that neither of us remember buying or why.

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I don't give money to charities

I donate to some stuff that's free that I use, sporadically, but that's it.
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