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WTB: Cheap Verizon phone (a VX8300 would be awesome!)

Title pretty much says it all. I just want a cheap, reasonable cell phone from verizon.

I'm looking to pay around 50 bucks or less.

It's for me.

N[W]O - ***Ace Sextuple***

****I AM ACTUALLY shoelessone****
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I've not ordered from this site, but I saw it on slickdeals. If you don't find what you're looking for here, I would keep an eye on here... it looks like they offer a number of different VZW phones depending on the day (and a vx8300 recently for $40).

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I have a LG Chocolate VX8550 with charger I could sell you for $35 shipped LMK

edit: still lasts several days on the same charge, great signal and voice quality as well here in NYC.
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I have a VX8300 w/ charger you could buy cheap from me ($20 shipped). The phone is a little beat up (scratches on the outside and the interior screen has a hairline scratch but doesn't effect anything negatively). Works great. PM me to let me know if you are interested and I can send you pics.
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