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ad hoc
I'm no proffessional, but I've been giving massages for about 10 years now. Just impromptu neck/shoulder rubs.

For me, it's about knowing where the muscles are and rubbing so the muscles stretch out. If you just push on them, it doesn't do shit. Learn to massage with your palms, if you just use fingers, you probably wont last more than 20 minutes. The "secret spots" for most I've found is under the shoulder blades and right around the spine at the top of the shoulder blades.
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Waiting for that fateful day of bannage, c'mon Kyle be a man and push the button you big fairy.
To be *REALLY* good at massage, as in "I could do this for a living" good you should really have a decent idea how the muscular/skeletal system works and how people move in general. Also pressure-points aren't some ancient Chinese secret, they are real and learning how to move towards and away from those pressure points will make your client/subject/object of desire feel that much better.

You actually can learn a lot without going to school for it. There are tons of really good how-to's on the intertubes if you're inclined to look. The only thing self-learning lacks is the hands-on experience and guidance from someone how actually knows what they're doing. If you're interested in being clinically good at it, then go take some learnin'
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like the first 2 guys said

your really 33?!?!


but seriously

i am not sure which state you live in, but here in maine the law says you must have schooling and be licenced to give massages. (of course i mean if you work at a place that give them, not just some chicks in your bedroom)

you can touch someone wrong and mess up their back, or if your applying a lot of pressure and your slip and your hands end up putting pressure in the wrong spot on the spinal cord, not so good.

my girlfriend is a masseuse
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