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Dating Site Reviews V. Help Me Compile a Complete List!

Help me compile a complete list of dating websites!

What i'm attempting to do is build a complete review listing with multiple reviews from many members on this forum. It'll make it very easy for other members to help choose a dating site if they are in need of one.
Take a look at the current listing of sites, and scroll down to postings for actual reviews.

Please feel free to add to what we currently have, and i'll update until we come up with a complete review form. I may use a php based survey tool to make data collection easier, and provide an easy way for people to post anon if they choose to do so.

Current Suggestions by members:
(The reason i'm not making these into active links is because i do not want these sites seeing cross links from genmay. It protects everyone's privacy!) - 1 Review (sweden) - 1 Review - 1 Review - 1 Review - 1 Review

Current Review Critera:

Please Rate the service: From 1-10
Website Address: (please do not make it an active link!)
Name of site:
Approx number of members:
Time Frame:
Cost (If any):
Geographical areas covered:
Target Audience:
Actual Audience:
Funny stories:
Success stories:
Social Stigma:

IF you wish to do the review anon, please PM me, and i'll make sure to post it as such. I do believe that we're on the verge of something good here.
Please take note that if you post a URL, i will add it to the list, and credit you below... your original post may be removed to make room for reviews. This will also make the thread very easy to read.
If you have anything to add or contribute, please do so! This is a community effort here!

Original URL and critera suggestion contributors:
Striker169 Abarai IAmTheEggman matt00926 FM 2347 aoeoae Rang3find3r Cable vinnie acidfast7 m0loch RiderOnTheStorm

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ANON Review:
Name of site: Craigslist
Approx number of members: Depends on city
Time Frame: Couple days - weeks
Cost (If any): $0
Geographical areas covered: MD/DC area?
Target Audience: Single women 20-30
Actual Audience: Women 18-50
Pros: Free, painlessly easy to use, popular, more and more "social" people are using it, becoming a normal way to meet others for dating, clubs, groups, etc
Cons: Polarized types of people, some are total freaks, some are very awesome. SPAMMED to all hell, lots of fake ads being posted (80% or more are fake probably). More people with "baggage" post on craigslist (overweight, divorced w/ kids, mental issues). High input low output (lots of communication, very little actual meeting)
Funny stories: Met attention whores, psycho fat girls,
Success stories: Met my ex-gf there, and also hooked up with 3 different women, all older than me.
Social Stigma: People will laugh if they hear you met someone off craigslist, but when they see a sexy asian bombshell on your arm wearing a slip on top, tight jeans, and heels, they don't laugh much anymore.

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Name of site: RSVP
Approx number of members: Supposedly hundreds of thousands
Time Frame: ?
Cost (If any): Free initial 'kiss', ~$10 to initiate unlimited contact for a month, most people will go MSN/email/phone as soon as initial contact is paid for
Geographical areas covered: Australia mostly
Target Audience: Affluent +30
Actual Audience: Everyone, the less affluent stick out more though
Pros: Very 'clean', structured, plenty of women, plenty of bright women at that
Cons: Expensive. Women tend to be pros at the online dating thing. If you are not gainfully employed and well established in life, do not bother. If you are, you want to be well off and good looking.
Funny stories: There is nothing funny about fat chicks. Sweet jeebus she was fat.
Success stories: Met seven people. One fatty with old pictures and myspace angles, one who had put on a fair bit of weight, two average people, one who turned out to be nuts, one turned out to be fucking four other people, one who just... no idea where she went. Sucess limited, limiting factor probably my looks, job and I was learning the whole dating thing.
Social Stigma: Virtually nil- very heavily advertised and a lot of people use it. I know several people with varying degrees of sucess including two people engaged to women they met from RSVP.

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Anon Review
Over All Website Rating: 0/10
Website Address:
Name of site: Fling!
Approx number of members: 300k (How many are bots?)
Time Frame: N/A
Cost (If any): 10.00-40.00 month
Geographical areas covered: Entire World
Target Audience: Anyone
Actual Audience: Anyone
Pros: None
Cons: Everyone that i'd contacted on the website was either a spammer, or a non paying member. The only people worth contacting are silver or gold members... which are still composed of spammers! They are the only ones you can email. I registered for a 7 day trial for 9.00 and it was a complete waste of time and money. I sent out 30 messages, received about 10 in response... and several emails. Every email i'd received was a phishing attempt, every message i'd received was an attempt to get me to talk to the member on AIM Y! or another chat program, in a 2nd attempt to phish me. The website interface is atrocious, and they force you to use a kapcha every couple of page views, wether you're a paying member or not. I give this site a 0/10.
Funny stories: n/a
Success stories: n/a
Social Stigma: n/a
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Website Address:
Name of site: Yahoo Personals
Approx number of members: A lot
Time Frame: 2006
Cost (If any): Free 1 week membership, not sure per month
Geographical areas covered:everywhere
Target Audience: everyone
Actual Audience: pathetic men and single mothers
Pros: you can use it one week for free
Cons: women are of less quality than match, many minorities and many single mothers. Kinda like ghetto match.
Funny stories:
Success stories:
Social Stigma:

Website Address:
Name of site:
Approx number of members: a ton
Time Frame:
Cost (If any): 34.95 a month, less per month for longer terms
Geographical areas covered: everywhere
Target Audience: everyone
Actual Audience: young people
Pros: Highest quality young women of any dating site out there
Cons: only eharmony is more expensive; match automatically resubscribes you and rebills your credit card; Since it has the best women, it also has the most men decreasing the chances for the men.
Funny stories:
Success stories:
Social Stigma:
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Please Rate the service: 8/10
Website Address:
Name of site: Plenty Of Fish
Approx number of members: Millions - at any given time 18,000-70,000 online, supposedly largest free site
Cost (If any): Absolutely free, one small banner ad, some advertising in IM function. No catches or tricks of any sort that I have seen or heard of.
Geographical areas covered: Worldwide, focus on US, Canada, UK, Australia
Target Audience: Everyone
Actual Audience: Substantial proportion in the 30-45 demographic, someone for everyone though

Pros: Lots and lots of people of every type imagineable. Very active forums that you can use to 'show off' your personality somewhat, forum posts are visible in your profile. Absolutely free. Surprisingly good system of finding people, plenty of features and help given throughout the process. Every effort is made to give you the tools for success and the community is awesome if you are receptive to help. If you are literate and mature and take the time to get your profile reviewed in the forum, you can do very well for yourself here.

Lots of visibility- you can tell who is looking at your profile when, who has favourited you, whether they have read your messages or not, what they talk about in the forums, . There are 'testimonials' on profiles where you can read what the last person to fuck them thought, although people will delete any negative comments about themself. There is even a voluntary image rating system- and you can see who voted you +7.

Women are proactive, I was swamped with contacts within hours, met someone within days of joining, met someone else the next weekend and I have been spending all weekend with her for a month now, looking good. Even with my profile set to 'not single' now, I still get a few people interested a week, plus at least a person a day who just wants to chat. Your mileage may vary- but a half decent photo, good profile and active on the forums will get you similar results.

Cons: Lots of people means lots of fat, ugly single mothers with drug problems to filter through, although the site does offer filters to do just that. Good looking women will get *huge* amounts of attention- expect a lot of unanswered messages if you are not decent looking with a good profile. If you are not literate and mature, you will suffer. Even good looking people will not do well if they do not write well and approach it positively. Forum moderation is spotty at best- sometimes you will get away with murder, sometimes you get banned for calling someone an idiot. True story.

Funny stories: All the cliches are filled in the forums, single mothers, fat women, small breast discussions- but because people actually meet, they find out that internet males and reality are different. Fat people are the best example- the forums always tell them they are beautiful and nothing wrong with being a fatty. They go on a date and the dude flat out tells them they are fat and walks away... then they cry about it on the forums. The forums are awesome for watching peoples little internet dreams shattered.

Success stories: Plenty of choice, found a decent looking, very tall, bright and friendly young lady within two weeks, been seeing her for a month.
Social Stigma: Seen by many people, even on the site, as a 'meat market' and low quality overall. There *is* a lot of chaff to sort through- there are plenty of high quality people on there though.
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Anon Review:

Please Rate the service: 4-10
Website Address:
Name of site: Craigs List
Approx number of members: dontknow
Time Frame: 1 to 24 hours normal
Cost (If any): None
Geographical areas covered: Cities world wide but better in some places than others (SF Bay is my area)
Target Audience: All
Actual Audience: All
Pros: I've met several awesome women on craigs list. Good looking, located in the right area and educated.
Cons: Site pimpers. Sucks to put effort into a reply only to get this shit back. About 2 out of 5 ad seem to be fake.

Example response I got after I replied to an ad.

Hey you ,

I'm sorry if I took a while to get back to you... I got A WHOLE LOT of responses, and, believe it or not, I actually took the time to read every single one and play process of elimination a little bit, before deciding who I was going to reply to.

Needless to say, I'm a little picky, lol. First impressions are everything to me, and, sadly, I wish more guys could approach me the way you did =)

i was kind of in a rush when i was putting up my craigslist ad, so i put up the first pic i found, which is kind of old. i've actually been hitting the gym as of late, so I don't really look like that anymore. I'm having issues sending/receiving attachments with this stupid email program (aaaah why does Google do this to me??? lol),

but thankfully i put all the photos up on *SITEPIMPHERE* i'm actually pretty active in that community, and aside from my pix, I also put up my blogs and other writings. Take a look at it and learn a little more about me. Just look for username Jennifer185, I'm wearing a blue dress in my default pic. You might have to sign up first if you don't already have an account yet, but it's free, just like myspace.

i'm gonna stop now before i write an entire book, lol. but seriously, i need to get to class, i have a presentation to give... wish me luck! i'm gonna check my account right after class, hopefully i'll see you online.

I hope to talk to you later,

Social Stigma: Depends on the social circles/areas but Craigs list is strong around here and everyone knows/accepts it.
Bottom line: The site is worth it but not sure for how long before spammers make it useless.

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Plenty of Fish
Please Rate the service: From 1-10: 8.5
Website Address: (please do not make it an active link!)
Name of site: PlentyOfFish
Approx number of members: "Lots" (Site keeps track of people actively visiting currently says over 49000)
Time Frame:2007
Cost (If any):Free!
Geographical areas covered: Canada, USA, Some Europe, Australia, maybe more
Target Audience: All people all ages looking for anything from penpals to one nighters to long term relationships
Actual Audience: Seems to match the target, I've only looked in the 22-28 range and there were a lot of people
Pros: Free, easy to use, lots of pepole, has nice built in features that can assist in finding people like who visited your profile, advanced filtering of "traits" (i.e. build, kids, drinking, drugs, etc) built in IM and e-mail. Women are often proactive also but at least if they don't reply it didn't cost you anything.
Cons:As a free service there is increased likelyhood that the people on there aren't as genuine as they appear in their profile. Lots of people may mean a lot of weeding out of people, especially if you are a woman.
Funny stories:Had a girl who I hung out with who thought that sending a single email after was too much communication...guess she doesn't know how to be honest and say you aren't interested.
Success stories: I'm nearing a year with my current gf who I met from there. I can see the relationship potentially going much further (but I'm not rushing it!)
Social Stigma: Not sure what this means, I wouldn't be ashamed to say I met someone through there.

Please Rate the service: From 1-10: 5-6 (hard to say based on my personal experience I wasn't happy but I know several people who love it)
Website Address: (please do not make it an active link!)
Name of site:Lavalife
Approx number of members:Lots (not sure exact number)
Time Frame:2007
Cost (If any):Credit system, think it was 50 credits for $20, initial contact costs 6 credits (is also a cost for instant messaging based on time). Free to reply and contact someone after the initial contact.
Geographical areas covered: Canada, USA, various countries.
Target Audience: 18+ for Dating/relationship/"intimate encounters"
Actual Audience: Seems to match the target, again only looked at 22-28 range
Pros: Clean site, has a good reputation, there are a lot of people on it. Paid sites tend to help weed out people who are not genuine/serious
Cons: $$$, especially if you are male since men typically make the first contact. Too many women can't be bothered to even say "thanks but no thanks" they just ignore you.
Funny stories: Nothing really
Success stories: I have a cousin who got engaged to someone they met here, and a coworker who is now married to someone that we met over here.
Social Stigma: n/a

Thought on Online Dating in General:
Nothing to be ashamed of, it's a great way to break the ice if you aren't fortunate to work/hang out in places where you are likely to come into contact with a lot of people.

Be careful with the personal information and be safe when meeting others (do it in public).

Don't be so picky with physical traits or trying to match interests/hobbies exactly - nobody can be summarized in a few check boxes and differences are good! You may be surprised what happens if you stop looking for nerdy sexy shy female computer geek who loves video games (although if they do exist they probably have 1000 messages in their inbox from guys trying to get them) Do watch some traits like drinking, kids, smoking...may sound shallow but you have to be happy. And there is someone for everyone.

Don't be quick to judge on pictures, it is well known fact that people try and hide their flaws but I've learned it is equally often that people who aren't photogenic (common with people with pale skin) are sometimes freakin hot in person.

Be sure to make your intentions clear, some people just date for the sake of dating (often with multiple people at once) others want to go out with someone a couple times without having to worry about being date 5 of 7 that week and directly competing. Call me old fashoned at 26 but when I was in school you didn't typically go out with 5 different people at once and pick the best, you'd TALK to 5 different people but date one at a time and see if it was worth continuing before going to the next person.

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Anon review

Please Rate the service: 5
Website Address: (please do not make it an active link!)
Name of site: E Harmony
Approx number of members: Probably thousands
Time Frame:2007
Cost (If any): $99 for 3 months. 1 month terms are available
Geographical areas covered: Continental US
Target Audience: People serious about marriage
Actual Audience: People serious about marriage
Pros: The amount of questions that you have to answer to do a membership and to directly talk to a member weeds out the riffraff. If you get to the point of being able to talk directly you are pretty sure its someone that you can actually stand for a few dates. Take the commercials as a warning. its structured so that you take everything seriously.
Cons: Instead of telling you that there's no one available, it will curve the score to find you a match. If you take the membership test and it gives you no matches then don't sign up for the site or expect a curved list with a few things you specifically said you didn't want. Its also is quite expensive for what it is, and I wouldn't recommend it if you are just trying to get some dates under your belt, like I was at the time.
Funny stories: None
Success stories: Nothing bad, but I decline to discuss it.
Social Stigma: No different than going to a matchmaker, except they may actually help you out with social interactions, and if you look at it that light it is actually cheap.
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Name of site:
Approx number of members: 2.5m+
Time Frame: N/A
Cost (If any): FREEBIE
Geographical areas covered: Entire world, mostly US though.
Target Audience: Younger people
Actual Audience: Women 18-30
Pros: The free price. Quite a few options and features, interesting and unique matching and painless contact methods via profile ratings and other ways. Easy to search key words and find people with similar interests. LOTS of women, has to be way more then guys.
Cons: There seems to be a lot of people on OKCupid that are not serious and are there "just for the tests" as I see it on many profiles. OK Cupid seems to be the place where women make profiles and then just hang out and wait for something thats better to float a long towards them. I've seen very little indication of female OKCupid members actually actively seeking out a relationship.
Funny stories: None in particular, some pretty crazy and comical threads in their forum section though.
Success stories: None so far
Social Stigma: None that I know of or can think of. This is a good alternative to the pay dating sites and some of the user and staff tests are pretty neat and can tell you a lot about yourself if you allow them to.

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Name of site:
Approx number of members: 2.5m+
Time Frame: N/A
Cost (If any): FREEBIE
Geographical areas covered: Entire world, mostly US though.
Target Audience: Younger people
Actual Audience: Women 18-30
Pros: The free price. Quite a few options and features, interesting and unique matching and painless contact methods via profile ratings and other ways. Easy to search key words and find people with similar interests. LOTS of women.
Cons: Some people just don't respond to messages despite how compatible you two may be, but this is normal.
Funny stories: If you like one song by Nine Inch Nails and make it an interest your Okstalker's list will accumulate the goth freaks.
Success stories: I met up with someone about a week after I joined the site. We were 68% compatible and its going really really well.
Social Stigma: I describe it this to my friends and coworkers as a free eharmony, and everyone digs the site and my success story.
Hello, my name is 14K!!1

The USS Excelsior Crew - I am fucking Q!
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I'll play. I'm not a spammer. I meant to post this last year, but I guess I didn't.

Please Rate the service: 8/10

Website Address: (please do not make it an active link!)

Name of site: EHarmony

Approx number of members: A lot - hundreds of thousands, at least

Time Frame: 2007-2009
Cost (If any): Varies, but the cheapest will be about $20/month
Geographical areas covered: Worldwide, I think, but mostly continental US

Target Audience: Straight men and women seeking a serious relationship (marriage is implied, but not stated)

Actual Audience: Straight men and women, most of whom are interested in more than just "hooking up"

Pros: They make it hard enough to sign up for this that you have to be pretty serious, and their matching mechanism seems to be more accurate than other sites. There's a certain social set that you'll meet this way that you're unlikely to meet in more usual places. If the shy or teetotaling type is your thing, this will probably work well for you.

Cons: Only paid members can communicate with you, but it sends you matches who aren't paid members, so you'll get a lot who don't respond. This was really discouraging, to be honest, because it means that like 75% of the matches can't respond to you at all. Of the remaining ones, most will reject you for no obvious reason. The website gives them the opportunity to give a vague reason, but almost all will select the "Other" option, which seems like a cop-out. It's easy to get discouraged by this, and think that you're not doing it right.

Funny stories: I went out with this really amazing girl a few times. She's a divorce attorney, pretty smart, funny, and seemed to be totally into me. Problem was, she's of vietnamese descent and kinda chubby (awesome boobs, though). Every time I looked at her, I couldn't help but think "man, this girl looks like she's got Down's Syndrome." I probably should have moved past that, as she even tried to take up cycling, apparently in order to impress me, but I just couldn't. I kept imagining introducing her to my friends, and having them ask me "Dude, is she retarded?"

Also, I went out with a second girl, who was vegetarian, and drives an hour to visit her parents every. single. weekend. This should have been a clue. Yah, she was batty as hell (but she was hot).

Success stories: I've been with a girl I met on EHarmony for 3 days short of a year now. She's great (mostly), but I can't really imagine how I'd have met someone like her any other way.

Social Stigma: Not any different than any other site, I guess. I haven't had anyone mock me to my face about it.

The Bottom Line: This is a great service if you're serious about having a relationship with someone. They make you invest an awful lot of time, such that you can't just hit it and quit it very easily, but it can be worth it. It's pricy, some might say outrageously so, but in my opinion, if you feel like you need the internet to help you get dates, EHarmony is your best shot. I rated this 8/10 because I felt like it worked reasonably well for me, although it took more than a year, which they say is typical.
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