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First Rifle Help! Learn me!

So I just got my first rifle! Springfield Armory M1 Garand, from the CMP. Im going to be taking it to the range this Sunday, and had a question about the sights. I own two shotgun(12ga) and two pistols. So Im used to the shotgun bead sight, and pistol sights. Couple of questions, with all the dials at default, what range should the zero be? I know for most pistol sights its 25yd. Also how do I use the dials? I talked to my friend in the army, he said with his M-16 theyd sight it for 25meters, and it keeps the zero at 25m and 300m. Will my sights have similar properties? Or will I have to adjust it for every range? Or just adjust my sight picture? If someone could please give me a crash course for the sights on a M1 Garand that would be awesome! Thanks in advance.


Ps( dont plan to shoot it out past 100yrds. How hard is it to shoot past that with iron sights?)
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took me 10 seconds in google. I dont own, nor have I ever fired a Garand, although I really hope to someday. Hope things go well at the range for you.

Also, if your worried about using a peep sight, its not hard, zero the front post in the middle of the ring...done.

also.... pics plz.
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