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Good advice (powder and 2 pairs of boots).

REI sells sock liners that are made out of poly-pro that will keep your feet dry and fresh all day. Best solution I've found thus far.
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Originally Posted by Naveronski View Post
I did this with the basic green Army sock, and it worked well.

Basically, just wear 2 socks: 1 thin base sock, then a thicker one over that.

this is what i do, my feet generally stink though, so i add baby powder

and yeah, combat boots for the past six years, combat steel toes for the past two, most i get is stinky feet
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Sounds like tinea, AKA jock itch, ringworm, athlete's foot, etc, etc...

There are lots of OTC stuff for that.

Terbinafine seemed to work best for me.
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