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Glock ergonomics are very subjective. Some people don't have problems with the "unique" grip angle; others have trouble with it. I switch back and forth from my Glock 23 to my other pistols (most of which have the "Browning" grip angle) without any trouble at all.
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Originally Posted by monkey-boy View Post
ive bought plenty o guns w/o putting a round through the pipe that were superb shooters.To say DON'T buy unless you fire first can really limit your options.

go fire it IF its an option absolutely, but never poo-poo a rod just cuz you cant play with it first.

I think this being his first handgun is a special case, If you are a gun enthusiast like you or me, sure you don't need to go shoot it before hand. But for a first handgun I think it is crucial to try before you buy.
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