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Remember to clean the edges with a gas station squeegee or paper towel. So much better clean.
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Originally Posted by pyramid View Post
Bosch Icons? that's what I use.

Oh you said not the frameless ones.

I use Bosch MicroEdge, they were the OEMs for my car and are about $8/ea from RockAuto.
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IMNobody IV
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I've got the bosch icons, they work so damn well when new but like that article says they dont seem to last all that long.
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i have the rain-x on my 2008 TL, above 65mph they don't wipe well and leave a streak right in the middle of my vision of the road. my gf also has the rain-x and a year later they wipe like total shit. not buying again.
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$12 for the refill from the BMW dealer... However the clips holding the blades on aren't really good anymore, but the wipers stay put.

If your car sucks, this wont work for you!
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Tex Arcana
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I've used everything from anco to Michelin to bosch to rain-x to trico, and the rain-x NEVER worked well for me. Then again, they say most wiper blade should be changed every 6 months.

I've had success with the Bosch, Michelin, (especially the mono blades), trico, and mostly the ancos over the years. Ancos are good, and not a bad bet if you plan on replacing them in 6 months.
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Tri-Co NeoForm wipers is what I have used for all of my previous cars, first thing I would do.

Amazing wipers and normally BOGO at Advanced or Pep Boys etc...... so 20 bucks for 2 typically.
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I run Ford OE they're like 20 bucks for all 3 and I'm only on my third set in 6 years.
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