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My parents had a 77 LeSabre coupe they bought brand new when they got married. Got the bigger V8 (403?) in it and drove it for 14 years with super few problems.

Lots of childhood memories in that car, but I cant imagine driving one now.
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Originally Posted by joemama View Post
You mean left hand drive U.S. cars? Ford, GM and Chrysler have been selling in the UK almost as long as in the U.S...

While it's true that Ford, GM and Chrysler have been selling cars in Europe since forever, they haven't ever been american. The European divisions have always had their own engineers, designers, factories and model lineups. Totally different animals.

Most people wouldn't consider, say, a Mustang and a Mondeo to even be from the same manufacturer even though they both wear the blue oval. The few mustangs we get over here are usually loaded and are considered (and priced as) premium cars. Very few people choose one over something European.

Chrysler is kind of an exception. After failing horribly at trying to conquer Europe (Rootes/Simca/Renault) they settled with trying to sell us Saratogas, Voyagers and Neons. Ew.

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