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Guess no one here :cares: about bikes anymore.
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Originally Posted by Rancidpunk666 View Post
Guess no one here :cares: about bikes anymore.

I am selling mine in a couple weeks. I might pick up a Yamaha Zuma 50F for farting around and long trips.
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I sold mine on Monday. Between my Miata getting wrecked and the fact that I just wasn't really enjoying riding it, it felt like time to let it go.
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I really need to get my R6 running this summer
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Got my 2nd bike evar this fall:

2014 FZ-09

So far, It's freaking great for recreational mid-distance cruising. Compared to my prior 2004 VFR 800 - it's much more nimble without sacrificing much comfort at all.

Not as bad as expected: suspension.

First mods will be: small windscreen, upgraded pegs, front fork and adjustable rear shock
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