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Originally Posted by MightyMorphinPowerJew
Yeah, you can target practice with .38 rounds - a lot easier on your hands. :P

exactly my thoughts. shoot a few boxes of .38, and get my shooting down(this will be my first handgun), and then .357 for fuckin shit up, and for when i sleep w/ it under my pillow

anyone have an answer for this?:
Originally Posted by ReD
ok, now the question is about sights:
can i have a gunsmith install adjustable sights on the revolver with fixed sights?
the guy at the store tried to sell me a magnum series that had adjustable sights but it was $100 more.....dosent sound worth it to me.

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depends, if the fixed rear sight is a v-notch then no, if it's sitting in a dovetail then yes. It's worth the extra 100 bucks because a good fixed rear sight will cost you about 100 plus installation.
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when i shot a .357 it didn't seem to kick that much.
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Originally Posted by MisterFloppy
They already want to ban them.

too bad even a .17 caliber HMR can pierce one are they going to ban those too?

it's only made for stopping upto .44 mag lead bullets. Any rifle with velocity of about 2000fps will go right through
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One Nut
Originally Posted by CommiePunk
short barrel = bye bye accuracy
Not necessarily, barrel length primarily affects velocity. A longer barrel generally means greater velocity, up until the point the powder from the cartridge completely burns inside the barrel, too long and friction will begin to reduce velocity (not an issue in handguns, as you don't see too many with a 20"+ barrel).

A longer barrel will be able to provide the same accuracy at longer distances however, the group sizes of a 4" or 6" .357 probably aren''t much different at 25 yards, but certainly be different at 100 yards. Many people report that their G30 is MORE accuracte than their G21 at shorter ranges.
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