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Originally Posted by illig View Post

you seriously need to stop posting

uhh, no - you need to stay up to date on current affairs about some of the bs going on
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Can anyone say short sale?
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yehh but u have to pay it back with the proceeds
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Originally Posted by domonbaylespam View Post
or you could not be a worthless piece of shit. Thats always an option too.

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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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If you both agree to sell the house when you're both done in that place/area/etc you can sell it, use the money to pay off the mortgage and split any remaining debt or profit amongst as many people as you want.

Hopefully you can even make a couple Gs, depending how good of a deal the house was, how much work you have done if any and it's total appreciation.
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Actually the way the transaction works is you pay off the mortgage first and THEN sell it. When you are selling for more than your mortgage they can roll it up into one easy transaction.
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Try to rent the house to the others, won't sell it.
Best wishes to all of you
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