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Where and how to become a personal trainer?

I have CPR and AED certification from the Red Cross, I know this is a prerequisite for many personal trainer certifications.

But it seems there are dozens of institutions handing out these certifications left and right. NASM, ACE, ISSA, NFPT, AFPA, AFAA, the list goes on. Some are accredited by the NCAA. Some are accredited by other organizations. Which are actually respectable?

No, I am not looking to make a career out of it. I'm a software engineer by day. This is just something I've wanted to get, mainly for personal satisfaction, carry some weight when discussing training/nutrition with friends and family, and MAYBE down the line offer some kind of private personal training services or work part time as a trainer (although my interests are more into powerlifting, olympic lifting, and Crossfit and these have their own certifications)

So, anyone here a personal trainer? How did you become one? What's the exact process? What organization do you recommend I go with - something cheap and for the amateur but still respectable and not some online course.
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Any organization that requires continuing education is likely legit. The process is near universal--you learn the shit (through home study, sometimes workshops and hands on), you take a test, you become a trainer.

I am an NFPT trainer. Not that I do that anymore, of course.
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Genmay Art Gawd
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I make a ton of personal trainer websites (one of my businesses)...a lot of them are becoming "Cross-Fit" certified and we've noticed it becoming a trend in terms of keywords. I'm honestly not sure how many of these guys actually HAVE any kind of certification. Most of them seem to it.

I'm almost certain it's going to be better to get your certification, but honestly I don't see a lot of these guys using anything...
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