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Door creaking noise?

Basically my car has started to make a creaking noise when I brake or accelerate or even hit a bump. Now I thought the sound came from my door, so in the school parking lot I opened my door and drove around, hit speed bumps etc. No noise - so I'm sure it's the door somewhere and my bet is on the hinge or w/e you call it that connects the door to the car. The sound seems to be coming from there from what I can tell.

Basically my question is wtf do I do, I suppose I just need to lube it up somehow, but I don't know what to use? Right now it's the black grease stuff on there. What is that called/ is it the right stuff?

The car, for the record, is a 1995 Toyota Tercel 4 Door.
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spray some white lithium grease on the hindges. it wont harm the paint.

it costs about 3 dollars at the autoparts
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i used that black grease you get in the little cans, smeared it on the hinges of my truck. once it worked itself in to the hinges the creaking stopped.
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I just spray a little WD40 on my hinges if they act up.

Those Tercel doors ought to be pretty light, so I doubt the hinges themselves are failing. Lube 'em up with SOMETHING and your problem should disappear.
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