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gm "in the driveway discount," but what gm to get?

i've researched the mazda3 endlessly, and concluded its my dream reality car, but its still a little pricey for where i want to be at (and if i were to get it, it would be base everything).

Now, i have a friend with reputable connections at a GM dealer, where i can get this "in the driveway discount",32969.0.html which still includes all rebates and goodies, the only car i'm looking GM's way is the cobalt or a saturn

with this said, i can get more bang for my buck, or get the (dream) budget car

my max budget is around $14,000
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save up more money?
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Cobalt SS
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Saturn Redline
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the mazda has great bang for the buck, anyone know how reliable the new mazdas are? I know the 3 contains a shitload of ford parts.
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save more money...????

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Gravity Man
Used car?

Seriously, don't buy a car just because you can get a discount on it if you aren't sure you want it.You can get a hell of a lot more for your money even if you only get a one or two year old car.
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my max budget is around $14,000 != Cobalt SS
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The GM in the door had like a 1% discount, not worth it. Spend that 14k and get yourself a really nice used. Or better yet, spend 8k to get a nice used and put 2k into maintence.
Old 04-19-2005, 07:23 AM De7|ro|i7 is offline  
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If I had to buy a GM it would have to be a SAAB.
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i'd take the hit, and up your budget either financing, or saving up.
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